Over the past decade, destination weddings have become increasingly commonplace and popular. Couples of all ages looking to tie the knot in a beautiful destination. Many being far from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. Choosing the best destination to hold your once-in-a-lifetime event is the first step of planning the perfect wedding. Some couples choose a location they have always wanted to visit. Others wish to return to a place that holds sentimental value. Having your wedding in the area you want to honeymoon is also common to avoid additional travel expenses. The important thing is to find the best destination wedding locations to meet your needs and desires.

As with anything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to having a destination wedding. One of the most apparent advantages is having your wedding in a beautiful and exotic location where you can bring together your closest family and friends. In addition, staying in the same destination for your honeymoon allows you to save costs and extend the celebration. There are many important things you should know before planning any destination wedding.

Despite the increasing availability of resources, the planning process can be complex, and choosing the perfect location is the biggest decisions you will make. Here are a few incredible destinations to consider for your memorable wedding experience. 

The Alps:

Choosing a scenic location such as the Swiss Alps, Italian Alps, or French Alps for your destination wedding is spectacular. These places offer your guests a plethora of fun activities to participate in before, during, and after your wedding. Imagine saying “I do” in a luxury chalet, historic castle property, or under the stars with the backdrop of snow-capped mountains and stunning vistas to enhance your already picture-perfect moments. The Alps offer an almost limitless array of activities for guests, such as hiking, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and wellness experiences.

The Alps are certainly not one of the most common locations for destination weddings, but this makes them all the more unique. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and adventurous couples, planning a wedding in the Alps is not for the faint of heart. However, for those of you up for the challenge they are truly one of the best destination wedding locations

Italy Wedding


The term “La Dolce Vita” perfectly describes a destination wedding in Italy. One of the most visited and romantic countries in the world, Italy boasts natural beauty, priceless art, incredible cuisine, award-winning wine, magnificent villas, and historical sights. There are almost no limitations to how extravagant your Italian wedding can be. Just think back to the cover page stories of George and Amal Clooney, John Legend and Chrissy Teigan, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, and many other celebrities all tying the knot in Italy to understand why it is one of the best destination wedding locations. 

As with any destination, a wedding in Italy requires precise planning, creativity, and logistical foresight. Working with an experienced wedding planner who can guide you in choosing the best venues, photographers, music, cuisine, and ambiance is a must. Make sure you are planning your wedding during the best seasons in Italy. Additionally, a good wedding planner will personally attend the ceremony and wedding reception in Italy to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Some of Italy’s most beautiful locations for holding your destination wedding include Positano, Lake Como, Florence, and Tuscany. Choose a venue that is already beautifully decorated, lavishly appointed, and blessed with stunning views. This can help limit the costs of decorations and flowers. 

Best Destination Wedding Location


Hawaii is a universally popular wedding destination. With their glorious beaches and exotic scenery, the islands offer guests the opportunity for both relaxation and adventure. Couples from all over the world visit the islands of Hawaii to enjoy hiking, snorkeling, surfing, award-winning cuisine, and spectacular luxury resorts. Although many couples choose to honeymoon in Hawaii, others have discovered the ease and convenience of bringing their guests to the island and saying their “I do’s” with their toes in the sand. 

Keep in mind that each island in Hawaii holds its own charm, unique attractions, and culture. It is important you are choosing the best Hawaii island to suit your occasion. Some islands, such as Oahu and Maui, have many hotels, resorts, and villas to choose from. Others such as Lanai or Kauai are quieter, and wedding venues are more limited. However, you will be welcomed with a warm traditional lei greeting and smiling faces no matter which island you choose. The moment you step outside, the warm ocean breezes, swaying palm trees, luscious waterfalls, and stunning tropical views will melt away all your worries and wedding jitters. 


Mexico is another popular, tropical, and easily accessible destination wedding location. The country has been one of the top destination wedding locations for US travelers for years. The warm weather, beautiful white sand beaches, assortment of resorts and hotels, and all-inclusive options continue to contribute to Mexico’s appeal. Mexico is flooding with romantic luxury hotels, making for perfect weddings locations. Miles of pristine beaches, lush jungles, and manicured gardens provide a beautiful setting for a destination wedding. Be sure to have your luxury travel advisor look into all of the wedding venue options!

Guests who arrive early or choose to spend a few extra days in Mexico will not be disappointed. Mexico offers a variety of sightseeing and numerous different activities. Scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, sunbathing, and excursions are just a few activities that the guests can enjoy while in Mexico. Many US cities offer direct flights to major airports in Mexico. This makes it one of the best destination wedding locations in all North America. 

Best Destination Wedding Location Paris


Do you dream of getting married in a beautiful, romantic, and bustling city? Have you envisioned yourself strolling down a promenade while your personal cadre of paparazzi snaps unforgettable photos and your soon-to-be husband smiles dashingly across the way as he adjusts his bow tie? While some couples dream of sandy beaches, warm climates, and tropical cocktails, others long for the glitz and glamour of the city. And no city on earth offers a better backdrop for your nuptials than Paris. Paris is known as one of the most romantic cities, however be sure to honeymoon in some of the most romantic towns in France. Whether you wish to get married in a museum, rent out the chateaux of French princesses, or on a yacht to say “I do” while floating down the Seinne, the options are endless. 

Remember destination weddings are a vacation for your guests. Exchanging your vows in Paris is unlikely to garner much resistance making it one of the best destination wedding locations in Europe. Guests who travel to a destination wedding in Paris have a variety of activities to choose from while they are vacationing. Visiting extraordinary museums, attending plays, operas, and participating in food and wine experiences are just a few. Besides these activities, Paris also has some of the best shopping and people-watching on earth. Broke a heel, forgot your evening clutch, or lost an earring? No problem, anything you or your bridal party might need is just a concierge call away. 



Although hosting a destination wedding may sound idyllic, it is essential to recognize potential caveats and challenges. Sadly, many guests will decline your invitation because they are either unable or unwilling to travel to the wedding. However, this can also work to your advantage. By limiting the number of guests, you can spend more time with those nearest and dearest to your heart. Of course, you may be disappointed if close friends or family members decline your wedding invitation. However, consider having a small post-wedding celebration dinner upon your return. While you are unlikely to have 100% attendance, remember the upside of having your wedding in a far-off place is that you do not have to invite distant relatives or casual acquaintances to your wedding. 

Since a destination wedding allows your guests to participate in your joyous occasion while taking a vacation, choosing the right destination is essential. Pick a location that provides your guests with comfortable accommodations, a beautiful setting, and a variety of fun activities. Doing so will keep them entertained for at least a few days. Although choosing the best destination wedding location is key, we have several other strategies for planning the perfect wedding. 

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