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Summer is here, and with it comes the excitement of travel. Whether you are heading to a sunny beach, exploring a historic city, or venturing into the great outdoors, summer travel promises new adventures and unforgettable experiences. However, it also brings its own set of challenges. From long lines and crowded attractions to weather delays and unexpected events, travelers must be prepared to navigate these hurdles, especially if traveling around Europe. This is where packing your patience this summer becomes essential.

At Boutique Travel Advisors, we understand the importance of a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. Our team of experts has gathered valuable insights and practical advice to help you manage potential frustrations with ease. By packing your patience this summer, you can turn potential setbacks into opportunities for discovery and relaxation. With a positive mindset and the right preparation, your summer travels can be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

packing your patience

Weather and Delays: Plan Ahead

One of the most unpredictable aspects of travel is the weather. Storms, high winds, and other weather conditions can cause significant delays and cancellations. Poor weather can impact flights, tours, transfers, and more, which we know may cause stress. This is why planning ahead and packing your patience this summer is crucial. Boutique Travel Advisors Co-Founder Angela Rice says, “weather delays and cancellations are a reality affecting travel year-round. Remember, weather from another market can impact you, as you never know where your flight is coming from. My advice is always to build in a cushion of free time on the front end of your trip. You will appreciate the downtime, and if you are delayed, you will be less stressed about missing any highly anticipated experiences like a Seine River Cruise or that Acropolis excursion that has you studying Greek Mythology again. Remember to secure trip insurance! Storms in the Caribbean delayed our clients by two days, and because they had trip insurance, they were reimbursed over $5,000.”

By planning for potential delays and ensuring you have adequate travel insurance, you can mitigate the stress and financial impact of unexpected disruptions. This way, you can still enjoy your vacation even if things do not go exactly as planned.

Events and Festivals: Be Informed

Summer is not only the peak season for vacations but also a time when numerous events and festivals take place around the world. These events can add a unique charm to your travel experience, but they can also lead to increased crowds, higher prices, and potential travel disruptions. Being informed about these events and planning accordingly is a crucial part of packing your patience this summer.

Large-scale events, such as the Olympic Games, can transform an entire city, bringing an influx of tourists and significantly impacting accommodation availability and prices. Even if you are not attending these events, their presence can affect your travel plans. BTA Co-Founder Janet Semenova says, “while the Olympic Games are notorious for causing prices to spike, crowds to gather, and tourism in the host city is generally best avoided unless you’re attending the event during the ceremonies, other events can also cause travel disruptions. Be mindful of other special events such as Taylor Swift concerts, sporting events, fashion weeks, and seasonal festivals which draw large crowds. While you may not always be aware of these events in advance, it’s wise to check with your travel advisor or local tourism board before departure to learn about any closures, expected delays, or added security in the destination.”

For instance, a major music concert or a local cultural festival can cause road closures, heightened security measures, and packed public transport, all of which can add to travel stress if you forget to pack your patience. Staying informed about local events can help you avoid unexpected delays and make the most of your travel experience.

Flexibility and Preparation: Keys to Enjoyment

“When you travel in the summer, adopt this mindset: ‘If I remain flexible, I will not break!’ Embrace the local culture and customs, and remember to respect the differences. Be ready for long lines if you’re visiting popular places like Rome, London, or Paris. Summer travel season is busy, so arrive early, follow entry times, and stay positive. Bring water and maybe a protein bar for energy. Enjoy your trip and soak in the new experiences! Set your expectations as we are receiving messages from our suppliers that lines are already starting in Rome. Below, you will see the timed entry line from the Roman Forum to the Colosseum. If you know the layout of this area in Rome, you know this is crazy! It is what it is. This was 8:30 am on Monday, May 13. Yikes!” says BTA advisor Kim Parizek.

Flexibility and preparation can significantly enhance your travel experience, making it easier to adapt to any situation.

Crowds and Tickets: Insider Tips

Summer is peak travel season, and popular tourist attractions can be overwhelmingly crowded. “Lines are long, and admission tickets are scarce to places like the Colosseum, Eiffel Tower, and the Anne Frank House. Blame it on the bots gobbling up all the tickets, making it difficult for tour guides to guarantee admission tickets. Don’t be discouraged; rather, there are ways around the crowds and sold-out situations. Talk to your BTA advisor about an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour that will far surpass your imagination. Take in an experience with a breathtaking panoramic view, where one of our exceptional guides can create the vision of the French Revolution while you enjoy sipping wine and taking photos on a private charter boat on the Seine River,” says Angela Rice.

Working with a knowledgeable travel advisor can open doors to unique experiences that go beyond the typical tourist attractions. They can provide insider access and personalized recommendations that ensure you make the most of your trip, even during the busiest travel season.

In addition to leveraging a travel advisor’s expertise, consider these additional tips to navigate crowded attractions:

  1. Book Early: Secure your tickets as soon as you know your travel dates. Many attractions offer online reservations weeks or even months in advance.
  2. Visit During Off-Peak Hours: Early mornings or late afternoons are typically less crowded times to visit major attractions.
  3. Consider Alternative Experiences: Sometimes, lesser-known sites offer equally impressive experiences without the crowds. Your travel advisor can recommend hidden gems that provide a more relaxed and intimate experience.

packing your patience

Traveling with Children: Pack Extra Patience

Traveling with children requires an extra dose of patience and preparation. As any parent knows, keeping kids entertained and content during a trip can be challenging, but with the right mindset and supplies, it can also be an enjoyable experience for the whole family. AT BTA, we know that traveling with children can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.

Boutique Travel Advisor Bri Crowder speaks from experience, “every parent knows they are going to start getting the question from their kids as soon as they have cognitive thought: ‘Are we there yet?’ That longing to get to a destination is in all of us, and it never seems to go away. Traveling with kids will slow you down, but maybe that’s what we all need to do. Slow down. Take deep breaths and enjoy the ride. Take along snacks, water bottles to fill up at the airport, activity books, and packable toys to keep the kids entertained. Don’t wait until they are hangry to purchase a snack!”

For more on how Bri travels successfully with her daughter, check out our previous blog on their recent trip to Costa Rica!

Mindfulness and Empathy: Essential Travel Companions

Travel is an adventure, and like any adventure, it comes with its fair share of surprises. Embracing these surprises with mindfulness and empathy is crucial for a truly enjoyable experience. By packing your patience this summer and maintaining a positive outlook, you can navigate the inevitable ups and downs of travel with grace.

One of the most important aspects of travel is accepting that not everything will go according to plan. Flights may be delayed, luggage might get misplaced, and unexpected weather changes can occur. How you respond to these challenges can make all the difference.”Packing mindfulness goes hand in hand with packing your patience. When traveling, the unexpected is unavoidable sometimes, and it is important to keep in mind that not everything goes perfectly 100% of the time—even on a perfectly planned trip. In the moments that aren’t perfect, recenter with some breathing, and know your on-the-ground team to lean on locally is doing the best they can to assist. Practice empathy and remember everyone you encounter is likely dealing with their own challenges (including the ones they are likely troubleshooting for you!). Even when things go wrong, try to find something to appreciate in the moment whether it is the beauty of your surroundings or the kindness of those trying to make things right. And what about those who are seemingly not so kind? Remember there is so much more than stress at play when trying to navigate stressful situations abroad—language barriers, miscommunications, cultural differences—all may make things seem more difficult than they are when really everyone is trying their best to make sure you have a beautiful trip,” says BTA advisor Jackie Kotsovos

It is a vital to practice empathy, not only for yourself but for others around you who may also be experiencing their own set of challenges. This mindset can transform a potentially stressful situation into a more manageable and even positive experience.

Travel often involves dealing with the unexpected, and how you handle these moments can significantly impact your overall experience. Keeping a flexible attitude and being prepared for changes can help you enjoy your journey, no matter what comes your way. Boutique Travel Advisors travel coach, Julie Rose says, “inevitably, something always goes ‘wrong’ when traveling — but if you embrace the curveball, you’ll never know what special thing might cross your path. Delays and cancellations mean an opportunity to do or see something else unplanned, or linger a little longer somewhere along the way. Travels are meant to be enjoyed! Don’t get caught up in the messy details.”

packing your patience

Allow Extra Time: Smooth Travels

One of the best ways to ensure a stress-free travel experience is by allowing yourself extra time. During the busy summer travel season, long lines and unexpected delays are common, so packing your patience becomes essential.

Boutique Travel Advisor Kathleen Lambermont advises, “allow yourself extra time for those inevitable ‘out of my control’ delays. If you sail through the process without a glitch, maybe grab a celebration mimosa before your flight. Focus on what you can control and let go of what you can’t. ‘I can’t control that the lady in front of me can’t find her passport.’ ‘Happiness is the journey and not the destination.’ Enjoy the ride!”

BTA Advisor Bri Crowder also stresses, “arrive at the airport early! Lines at security, the train to the concourse, at Starbucks, and even traffic to get to the airport may all be long so be sure you have allotted extra time.”

Arriving early or planning extra time between connections can help you navigate unexpected issues without stress. Check out one of our previous blogs for more insider tips on how to navigate through the airport.

Traveling this summer may come with its challenges, but with a little preparation, a lot of patience, and the right mindset, you can turn potential frustrations into enjoyable experiences. At Boutique Travel Advisors, we are here to help you navigate these hurdles and ensure your summer adventures are as smooth and memorable as possible.

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