Welcome to Spain, a vibrant and diverse country that captivates visitors with its rich culture, stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, and warm hospitality. From the bustling streets of Madrid to the picturesque beaches of Barcelona, Spain offers a wide range of experiences for travelers to enjoy. The country’s fascinating history is reflected in its ancient landmarks, such as the Alhambra in Granada and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Food lovers will delight in the tapas bars and Michelin-starred restaurants that showcase the best of Spanish gastronomy, from paella to pintxos. The lively festivals, flamenco music, and siesta culture add to the unique charm of Spain, making it a destination that truly has something for everyone to love and enjoy.

Whether you’re exploring historic cities, relaxing on the Mediterranean coast, or hiking in the rugged mountains, Spain offers a memorable and enriching travel experience that will leave you wanting to return again and again.

The Best Times To Travel To Spain

High Season: June – August

This typically falls during the summer months when popular tourist destinations such as Barcelona, Madrid, and the coastal regions are bustling with visitors. This is the peak time for beach vacations and outdoor activities, but it can also mean crowded attractions and higher prices.

Shoulder Season: March – May / September – October

Spring and fall are ideal times to visit popular destinations like Valencia, the Canary Islands, and the wine regions of Rioja and Ribera del Duero. The weather is pleasant, crowds are thinner, and prices are more affordable compared to high season. It’s a great time to explore Spain’s landscapes and enjoy outdoor activities without the summer heat or winter chill.

Low Season: November – February

Usually occurring during the winter months when temperatures are cooler, especially in northern regions like Galicia and the Basque Country. This is a great time to visit cities like Seville, Granada, and Cordoba, as they are less crowded and offer a more authentic experience of Spanish culture.

What To Expect

Affordability: When visiting Spain, travelers can generally expect the country to be relatively affordable compared to other European destinations. The cost of accommodation, dining, and transportation in Spain is often more budget-friendly than in countries like France or Italy. However, prices can vary depending on the region and the time of year. Major cities like Barcelona and Madrid tend to be more expensive, especially during peak tourist seasons. On the other hand, smaller towns and rural areas may offer more affordable options for accommodations and dining. Spain offers a range of choices, from luxury hotels and fine dining restaurants to budget-friendly hostels and local tapas bars. It’s possible to enjoy a high-quality travel experience in Spain without breaking the bank, especially if you opt for local eateries, public transportation, and free or low-cost attractions.

Travel Options: The extensive and well-connected public transportation system, including trains, buses, and metros, makes it easy to travel between major cities and regions. Renfe, the national railway company, offers high-speed trains like the AVE, which are a convenient and comfortable way to travel long distances. For shorter trips within cities, metros and buses provide reliable and affordable options. Renting a car can also be a great choice for exploring more remote areas and scenic routes, giving travelers the flexibility to discover hidden gems.

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Best Under The Radar Destinations

Jerez de la Frontera

Known for its sherry production, Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia offers a rich cultural heritage and vibrant flamenco scene. Visit a traditional bodega for a sherry tasting, watch a flamenco performance, and explore the historic center with its beautiful architecture and lively atmosphere.

Las Médulas

A UNESCO World Heritage Site in the province of León, Las Médulas is a striking landscape of red-hued rock formations created by ancient Roman gold mining. Hike through the unique terrain, visit the historic mining tunnels, and marvel at the natural beauty of this hidden gem.


Located on the Costa Brava, Cadaqués is a charming fishing village with whitewashed buildings, narrow streets, and a bohemian atmosphere. Explore the rocky coves, visit the house of artist Salvador Dalí in nearby Portlligat, and savor fresh seafood by the sea.


Nestled in the mountains of Andalusia, Ronda is a picturesque town known for its stunning views, historic bullring, and the iconic Puente Nuevo bridge spanning a deep gorge. Explore the charming streets, visit the Arab baths, and enjoy the local cuisine in this scenic setting.

Favorite Hotels

ME Ibiza

At this boho-chic beachfront retreat, Personal Aura Managers customize experiences for guests in suites, some with private pools. A stay in the remaining rooms also offer complimentary daily yoga and access to the new Thai Room Spa. The Radio Rooftop, exclusive to adults, features bali beds and an infinity-edge pool. Poolside vibes are elevated by DJ sets, while Nikki Beach, an extravagant beach club, offers live music and exclusive privileges for ME guests.

Puente Romano Beach Resort

Situated along the renowned Golden Mile on Spain’s south coast, this village-style resort features rooms, suites, and villas inspired by Mediterranean landscapes. Guests can enjoy spa and wellness activities, cocktail hour al fresco, stroll through botanical gardens, play on world-class tennis courts, or savor culinary experiences at over 12 distinct restaurants for everyone to enjoy.

La Bobadilla, a Royal Hideaway Hotel

This estate in Loja features a Mediterranean chapel, flower-bordered pathways, and a lavish pool fringed by palm trees. The spa offers treatments including olive oil therapies, along with Finnish and Turkish saunas. In the evening, guests can choose between two dining venues: La Finca, known for its innovative cuisine, or El Cortijo, which specializes in traditional Spanish dishes.

Rosewood Villa Magna

Nestled along Madrid’s grand boulevard Paseo de la Castellana, just steps from the renowned Calle Serrano, this hotel offers easy access to desirable restaurants, vibrant nightlife, shopping districts, and impressive architecture. It’s also within minutes of the Art Triangle museums. Surrounded by lush gardens, the hotel boasts 154 meticulously designed guestrooms and suites, unique dining options, and the indulgent Sense, A Rosewood Spa.

W Barcelona

Located on the stunning beaches of Barcelona, every guest room and suite in this hotel offers sweeping panoramic vistas of both the Mediterranean Sea and the vibrant city of Barcelona. Pro tip: W Barcelona stands out as the sole hotel in the area providing direct access to the beach and an exclusive beach club.

Bahia del Duque

In Tenerife, this offers a picturesque setting on El Duque Beach with subtropical gardens and pastel-colored architecture. Enjoy culinary delights at 9 à la carte restaurants, including one Michelin-starred venue, plus relax at 13 bars and lounges. Activities include beach strolls, swimming in 5 pools with waterfalls, etc. Experience tranquility at Bahía Wellness Retreat, featuring an open-air thalassotherapy circuit and more.

Local Foods to Try in Spain

When visiting Spain, be sure to indulge in the rich and diverse culinary scene by trying some of the country’s iconic dishes. Start your gastronomic journey with tapas, small plates of various appetizers and snacks that are perfect for sharing and sampling a wide range of flavors. Don’t miss out on classic dishes like paella, a flavorful rice dish typically made with seafood or meat, and gazpacho, a refreshing cold tomato soup perfect for hot summer days. Indulge in jamón ibérico, a type of cured ham considered a delicacy in Spain, and sample authentic Spanish cheeses like Manchego or Cabrales.

For those with a sweet tooth, try churros con chocolate, a popular dessert of fried dough dipped in rich chocolate sauce, or turron, a traditional nougat candy enjoyed during the holidays. Wash it all down with a glass of sangria or a refreshing glass of tinto de verano, a mix of red wine and soda water. With its vibrant flavors and regional specialties, Spanish cuisine offers a culinary adventure that is sure to delight your taste buds.

Fun Facts

Spain is home to the world’s third-largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, boasting a rich cultural and historical heritage. The country is also known for its vibrant festivals and celebrations, with events like La Tomatina, a massive tomato fight in Buñol, and the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona drawing crowds from around the world.

Spain is famous for its siestas, a traditional afternoon nap that allows locals to recharge and escape the heat of the day. Additionally, Spain is the birthplace of some of the world’s most renowned artists, including Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, and Antoni Gaudí, whose works can be admired throughout the country. With its diverse landscapes, fascinating history, and lively culture, Spain offers a wealth of experiences and surprises for travelers to discover and enjoy.

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