We love when clients ask us questions, so we have compiled a list of topics to help you get to know our luxury travel agency.

1. Why should I hire BTA?

The travel advisors at BTA are professionals with years of travel experience. Our relationships with the best and most respected travel companies in the world and the Signature Travel Network gives us access to travel benefits and cost savings through preferred partnerships, exclusive agreements, and access to pricing not available to the public. BTA is a luxury travel agency specializing in customized itineraries, and exclusive experiences.

2. What are the benefits of traveling with BTA?

Our guests can receive complimentary room upgrades, early check-in/late checkout, free breakfast, and resort credits at hundreds of properties around the world. Our reputable advisors are available from start to finish, becoming your direct safety net if anything goes amiss. They are personally invested in your trip and wellbeing, a level of service not available by self-booking or through third-party wholesalers. While most travelers are simply a reservation number, you are a highly anticipated guest.

3. What type of trip can BTA plan?

We recognize that travel is not “one size fits all” and that every trip is a personal journey. Our travel advisors create truly unique and personalized experiences that large tour companies or simple google searches cannot replicate because the recommendations are tailored specifically for you. We work with vetted and reputable tour operators, hotels and destination specialists around the world which makes even the most remote and off the beaten path experiences only a phone call away.

4. Why does BTA charge itinerary design/management fees?

BTA designs completely unique and customized itineraries based on personal goals, interests, and budget. Many hours are spent on carefully curating each client’s trip and providing a high level of service throughout our client’s travels. Fees allow us to invest considerable time and make honest recommendations without relying exclusively on supplier commissions. In order to provide transparency and further individualize the planning process, we offer several packages that clients can choose from based on their needs and preferences.

5. Does BTA book cruises?

Yes! BTA’s advisors are passionate about the cruise industry and experts in providing customized recommendations about cruises for travelers of all ages and activity levels. We also provide opportunities to join BTA’s signature hosted sailings at competitive rates with like-minded travelers multiple times throughout the year. Reserve your cruise with us and enjoy exclusive benefits on thousands of voyages such as upgrades, shipboard credits, pre-paid gratuities, and complimentary shore events. Luxury cruise clients enjoy complimentary car and driver shore experiences in exotic ports around the world.

6. Can I book hotels on the BTA website?

Yes! BTA has access to Signature Travel Network’s preferred hotel suppliers. If you know the destination you would like to visit and would like to self-book your hotel on our website you will be eligible for all of the added amenities listed, such as resort credits, upgrades, and complimentary breakfast. We will also be available to help with questions or any issues that may arise while you are traveling to the destination booked online.

7. Does BTA offer trip insurance?

BTA highly recommends the purchase of trip insurance for all international and certain domestic itineraries. We work with vetted, preferred suppliers who provide exceptional service and travel assistance to our clients.

8. Does BTA book group travel?

Yes! BTA specializes in group travel for leisure and business clients. From multi-generational itineraries around the world to corporate incentive travel we can create customized and highly tailored itineraries for groups of 10-100+ travelers.

9. How do I begin working with BTA?

The process of beginning to work with BTA starts with a complimentary 15-minute discovery call which allows us to learn about each other. We prefer that this consultation take place over the phone, but it can also be handled via email if necessary. Please fill out our contact form or call us at 480-787-1477 to set up your appointment.

10. Can I choose the BTA advisors I will work with?

Absolutely! While many of our advisors specialize in particular regions of the world or style of travel we recognize that certain personalities simply work better together. If there is an advisor that you would like to work with directly, please let us know in your introductory conversation.