Boutique Travel Advisors is changing the travel experience. Our co-founders Janet Semenova and Angela Rice are trusted industry experts and are often called upon by the press to provide insight to the community regarding travel trends and breaking travel news. They often appear in local news and radio outlets including Fox10 Phoenix and WBBM Newsradio. Here are a few of the articles and segments featuring our amazing team of travel professionals.

In The Spotlight With Centered CEOs & Boutique Travel Advisors

Having begun a friendship on the sidelines of their sons’ football field, they began their entrepreneurial journey together as boutique travel advisors, quickly growing to be recognized as one of Arizona’s premier luxury travel advisory firms. With Angie’s razor-sharp background in finance, accounting and business consulting and Janet’s empathetic nature as a nurse practitioner specializing in pain management, you would be forgiven for wondering how this collaboration worked out so well but dig a little deeper, and you will find that these women are the mirror image of each other in their shared core vision and values.

Janet Semenova of Boutique Travel Advisors’ On How We Can Leverage The Power Of Gratitude To Improve Our Overall Mental Wellness 

“I believe that gratitude involves the whole person. It is a personality trait, emotion, and skill that allows us to appreciate the life we are given and the people we care for. Gratitude enables us to connect with others and form meaningful relationships based on both tangible acts of kindness and intangible emotional responses such as love, empathy, and compassion.”

Increasing demand for travel as COVID numbers decline and vaccination numbers rise

PHOENIX – According to a travel agent, there’s a lot of pent-up demand for travel, and Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport numbers are also showing a similar trend. The airport was buzzing with travelers on March 5, but some travelers say to them, things look much different than a year ago.

Don’t let the cost of your trip take you by surprise

If you find a travel deal that interests you, be sure to do your homework before you agree to book,” says Angela Rice, co-founder of Boutique Travel Advisors, a travel agency in Paradise Valley, Ariz. “Research the reputation of the company, verify the location of a hotel, check out reviews and visit websites directly.

Family Vacation Guide Tips

26 Parents & Travel Experts Share Their Top Tips For Planning A Family Vacation

When choosing a hotel or resort, look for properties that offer accommodations designed for families.  For example, in Europe, rooms that occupy three and four persons, as well as adjoining rooms, are scarce.  However, there are properties who are catching to the type of room configurations desired by families, including two bedroom configurations.

Valley travel expert: Book now to avoid increasing prices, limited availability

“Even though we’ve been on lockdown and there’s been some great values in terms of travel and prices, the prices that we’re seeing are going up and they’re going up pretty quickly, and pretty dramatically,” Janet Semenova, co-founder of Boutique Travel Advisors in Paradise Valley, told KTAR News 92.3 FM on Friday.

25 Genius Trip-Planning Tips—Straight from Travel Agents

If you’ve ever had to plan a vacation, you know the responsibility—and pressure—of the task. There’s browsing endlessly for affordable airfare (that seems to fluctuate every hour), finding a central hotel with all the amenities, and spending hours booking restaurant reservations. Thankfully, these travel agents are here to help…Another helpful tip is to “buy a very colorful and flat passport holder that is easy to find in a flash.” Kim Parizek from Boutique Travel Advisors carries a pink one, which allows her to spot the passport in her carry-on amidst the chaos of customs or security.”

20 Tips For Saving Money on Summer Travel

Kim Parizek of Boutique Travel Advisors suggests the Hopper app. “This tells me when to buy tickets based on algorithms from the previous year’s bookings,” she says. “For example, if I want to travel from JFK to London on June 20, 2020 and want to buy my air tickets at the cheapest from this point forward, the app tells me from airlines that reported what day it will be the cheapest and when I should expect prices to start going up.”

Opposites attract — and succeed

Janet Semenova would tell you that she is the yin to Angela Rice’s yang. That’s the secret sauce when it comes to success for the co-founders of Boutique Travel Advisors in Paradise Valley, Ariz. “One person cannot be great at everything,” Semenova said. “We all have our strengths and weaknesses.” For Semenova, her weaknesses in business are Rice’s strengths, and vice versa. That has helped the young agency see success since its founding less than two years ago

Fall break travel destinations

With triple digit summer temperatures being a daily norm, Phoenicians anxiously await cooler fall weather. As the school year starts early in most of the valley, October offers the opportunity for a mid-semester break. Being one of the few states in the country to have this custom, fall break creates a unique time for AZ families to travel together while avoiding crowds and finding much lower rates than Summer and Winter seasons.

Business Buzz: The Return of the Travel Agent

Are the travel experts of yesteryear making a comeback in the Valley?
It sounds like a throwback to the pre-TSA days but, like mom jeans and fanny packs, travel agents are making a comeback, according to NBC News and Vogue. This time, they have buzzier names – concierges

Meet Janet Semenova and Angela Rice of Boutique Travel Advisors in Paradise Valley

Boutique Travel Advisors (BTA), started as a passion project for Janet and Angie, born out of their joint love of travel. Their paths first crossed while watching their children play sports together and they quickly recognized that their perspective and outlook on life would form a wonderful foundation for a business partnership. Founded in 2017, the firm has seen rapid growth and national recognition. Co-founders Janet and Angie have won awards, been featured on local television and written up in multiple publications

I’m a Nurse—Here’s Why I’m Not Afraid to Fly

I’ve flown twice during the pandemic and I’m planning more domestic trips—as long as you’re properly prepared and follow the guidelines, I think it’s less risky than taking a road trip right now.

The 8 Most Expensive Flights in the World

Traveling to and from some locations means paying for a hefty flight ticket, especially if you fly first class. Prepare your budget because these flights are typically an expensive ride. Please note that airfare prices are sporadic, so actual prices may vary. “The market rates change constantly based on availability, season of travel, and other demands for all flights,” explains Angela Rice, co-founder of Boutique Travel Advisors.

Travel trends of 2019

It’s a New Year so you know what that means—grab your calendar and start planning trips of a lifetime! Janet Semenova, Co-Founder of Boutique Travel Advisors, says this year it’s all about packing up the ENTIRE family and hitting the open road! Her agency is seeing more multi-generational families making a point to travel together.

Meet Angie Rice, Whose CPA Roots Make Her Push Instead of Pull

You could say that Angie Rice’s business plan turns the traditional travel agency model on its head. Instead of asking where her clients want to go, she goes to places she wants to sell them — and then pushes them out to her customer base.
“Our clients are looking to us for advice; they want to mirror the types of travel that we have experienced and that we choose to highlight,” Rice says. “By promoting destinations that appeal to us, we control and influence the trips we book for our customers.”

The 7 reasons why you should use a travel agent

For cruises it’s always a good idea to use a travel agent, says Janet Semenova, co-founder of Boutique Travel Advisors in Paradise Valley, Ariz.: “We can score a lot of great extra perks, savings, and shipboard credits.”

9 easy ways to score travel upgrades

It’s always possible you’ll spot a deal when you book your flight, but you’ll likely do better if you upgrade at the airport. Janet Semenova, co-founder of Boutique Travel Advisors, recommends this three-pronged approach: Sign up for a frequent flyer account, check in early—right at the 24-hour mark online, or an hour earlier than you would normally at the desk, and mention if it’s a special occasion like an anniversary, birthday, or honeymoon.

How Much Money Should You Bring on Your Next Vacation?

“Prepaying for as much as possible for such items as transfers, tours, and meals will reduce cash flow needs during the time of travel and help to keep you on a planned travel budget,” Rice says. Many guided tours and cruises offer travelers the option to even prepay gratuities.

Extended-Stay Travel

Long-term travel can appeal to a variety of age groups and demographics — even folks who are still in the workforce, according to Angie Rice, co-founder of Paradise Valley, Ariz.-based Boutique Travel Advisors. “Young adults are seeking trips lasting several weeks or longer, as they recognize the next phase of their life may impede their ability to travel,” Rice said. “And younger professionals — including medical residents and law students in between semesters — are great candidates, too. A lot of our clients are also either entrepreneurs or virtual employees who have the flexibility to travel and work simultaneously.”

The Treads That Bind Us

As I navigated life and motherhood I slowly realized that I have found a way to keep her close to me wherever I go because her spirit has infused the very fabric of my life’s choices. I was living her dream and in doing so introducing her to my children. I realized that each one of the dozens of adventures we have embarked on has been a learning experience enriched by the memory of my mom.

Host Agency Oasis Travel Network Details New Programs

The conference culminated with an awards ceremony honoring the leading suppliers, agents and Chairman’s Club producers. Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours and Globus Family of Brands were named supplier partners of the year in the cruise and land categories, respectively. Rising Stars of the Year were awarded to Angela Rice and Janet Semenova.

The Myriad Upsides of Upselling

“I don’t think of it as upselling,” said Angela Rice of Boutique Travel Advisors in Scottsdale, Ariz… “I think of how I can create a better experience, a better value proposition for my client.”

10 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid on Disney Vacations

Your trip will be even more magical if you avoid these rookie moves…Angela Rice, the co-founder of Boutique Travel Advisors, adds that summer is also relatively busy for Disney vacations, whereas there are typically fewer crowds in the fall.

Travel agent talks new trends for summer adventure during the pandemic

Travel agent talks new trends for summer adventure during the pandemic

Coronavirus: ‘Dude Ranches,’ Other Getaways

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Vacation destinations have shifted during the pandemic, for some.

Sign Of New Normal: Vacation Rentals Surge

Vacation properties across the country are experiencing a surge of bookings. But instead of a week or two stay people are looking for a month or even longer. Angie Rice — co-founder of Boutique Travel Advisors in Scottsdale, Ariz., joins the Noon Business Hour.

Vacation Option: Chartering A Yacht

Chartering a yacht seems like a prohibitively expensive vacation option for most, but if you boil down the numbers, it could actually cost less than taking some cruises. Angie Rice of Boutique Travel Advisors in Scottsdale, Arizona, joins the Noon Business Hour.

Trip planning: how to proceed in 2021

We’re looking at trip planning in the pandemic. Angie Rice, co-founder of Boutique Travel Advisors, joins the Noon Business Hour.

Traveling this year? What to know when planning a getaway vacation in 2021

Demand for vacations is picking up as vaccines rise. Here’s what you need to know if you’re trying to get away this summer.

Catch incredible sights around the globe

The sun, moon, and stars shape our understanding of the world and the way we live our lives. They also create some of the most unforgettable travel experiences. The earth orbits the sun every year, which means that there are precisely 365 days to observe a beautiful sunset.

Top tropical vacations for every travel style

With hectic lives and busy schedules everyone needs to take a tropical vacation. But how do you get started? Travelers should first decide what time of the year they will be traveling as many tropical areas are prone to hurricanes and tropical storms during the summer months whereas travel over school holidays becomes very expensive.

Learn about early US history by traveling to these cities

The United States of America (USA) is one of the most diverse, beautiful, and developed countries in the world. While the history of the USA is only a few hundred years old, the stories that formed this nation are timeless and plentiful.

What to look for in travel insurance when booking flights, trips

PHOENIX – In the two-and-half months since the World Health Organization learned about the coronavirus in Wuhan, China, it’s spread to every continent except for Antarctica.

FARE DEAL – The little-known insider tricks even travel agents use to save money on plane fares

WHILE Brits looking to save money on their next holiday abroad will be familiar with money-saving hacks like Google Flights, there are other ways to get cheaper flight prices.

3 Ways to Travel to Antartica

Travelling to Antarctica is one of the most exhilarating trips you will ever take. Although it’s expensive, it’s truly spectacular. A trip to Antarctica is something that you and your travelling companions will never forget

4 Ways to Pack for a Trip (With Packing Lists)

How you pack plays a big role in the outcome of your trip — if you’ve ever arrived at your destination only to find your suitcase splattered with the remains of a toothpaste explosion, you know this to be true!

How to Pack for a Seven Day Vacation

Packing for a week-long trip can be stressful, especially if you don’t travel often and are unsure of how to pack efficiently. If you are having trouble deciding what to bring and what to leave at home, worry not. You can become a smart and confident packer if you prepare accordingly ahead of time.

Overseas Cancellations Amid State Department Worldwide Caution Advisory: It’s a Mixed Bag

Due to increased tensions around the world, with the potential for terrorist attacks, demonstrations, or violent actions against U.S. citizens and interests, the Department of State recently advised U.S. citizens overseas to exercise increased caution. The situation is fluid, but here is a sampling of what travel advisors have recently experienced as a result.

Top Family Destinations in 2023: Part I

Travel is back, and in a big way. We asked our panel of top experts to share where families are flocking this year, along with the under-the-radar destinations parents are raving about (hint: get there before the secret’s out). Experts also divulged their favorite insider tips and recommendations for unforgettable family trips to these top and trending destinations, which we detail in our Insiders Guides.

I’m a Luxury Travel Agent: 3 Surprising Destinations My Wealthy Clients Are Not Booking for 2024

5 Reasons to Use a Luxury Travel Advisor & How To Find The Best Travel Agency