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Boutique Travel Advisors (BTA) proudly supports the mission of the San Diego Automotive Museum, a cause that resonates deeply with our belief in purposeful travel. The museum’s origin story, inspired by automotive enthusiast Briggs Cunningham and its journey to becoming a cultural landmark within San Diego’s Balboa Park, mirrors our belief in the transformative power of passion and dedication.

At BTA, we are dedicated to enriching travel experiences by connecting with and supporting non-profit organizations that make a meaningful impact in the communities in which we visit and reside. The San Diego Automotive Museum’s commitment to celebrating the history and cultural significance of automobiles aligns with our mission to offer travel experiences that are not only luxurious but also enriching and informative.

Traveling with a purpose is at the heart of what we do. We believe in creating travel experiences that allow our clients to explore, learn, and contribute to the communities they visit. The San Diego Automotive Museums’ dedication to education and preservation provides a unique opportunity for our travelers to connect with the history and impact of automotive innovation on our culture.


At Boutique Travel Advisors (BTA), we are incredibly grateful for the support and collaboration of our valued partners – both the generous sponsors of the San Diego Automotive Museum and our trusted suppliers.

To our esteemed sponsors from the San Diego Automotive Museum, thank you for your commitment to preserving automotive history and culture. Your support allows us to continue our mission of purposeful travel, connecting our clients with enriching experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Our San Diego Automotive Museum 2024 Preferred Supplier Partners

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Boutique Travel Advisors
Boutique Travel Advisors
Boutique Travel Advisors

At Boutique Travel Advisors (BTA), we are grateful for the invaluable support and partnership of our esteemed sponsors from the San Diego Automotive Museum and our dedicated BTA suppliers.

Assist Boutique Travel Advisors in supporting the San Diego Automotive Museum by booking directly with them. A percentage of all proceeds for land and luxury cruise bookings will go towards the Party in the Park Charity fundraiser.

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