We believe that meaningful relationships are at the heart of every great business. Our friendships and connections with partners worldwide enable us to tap into our private network and ensure that our guests receive extraordinary service to create unforgettable journeys.

Our team can assist with all of your travel needs. Working tirelessly to ensure that no detail is overlooked, we utilize only the most trusted, reputable, and vetted partners in the world.  Your privacy and safety are our top priority.


Our BTA team loves the water. Do you dream of sailing around the world on a luxury vessel, chartering a private yacht for that special occasion, exploring European villages by river, or embarking on an expedition adventure to the Arctic? Our expertise can make your dreams a reality, while our relationships worldwide ensure you receive extra attention and unique benefits.


We recognize that traveling with a group provides unique benefits and offers opportunities to strengthen existing relationships and forge new friendships.

Whether you would like to plan a private group adventure or join an existing group, our team can guide you to choose the best land itineraries to meet your needs.

Our partners specialize in selecting unique accommodations, provide professional travel directors, offer exclusive insider access to cultural heritage sites, incorporate authentic culinary experiences, and practice responsible travel.


Feeling nostalgic for an old-world travel experience? Sometimes we crave adventure and the opportunity to catch a glimpse of a rare bird in flight, an elusive fox, or a mother bear with her cubs. Whether exploring the Canadian Rockies or the Pacific Northwest, observing the awe-inspiring beauty of nature by rail is magical.

Whether embracing nature aboard the Rocky Mountaineer, discovering Machu Picchu on the Belmond Hiram Bingham, or reliving the glitz and glamour of the golden age of travel on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express, a rail journey is unforgettable.


Let’s face it, no matter what class of service you are flying in, air travel can cause significant aggravation. Although we cannot command the weather or prevent flight delays, our team can take care of all the details and make sure your plans are thoroughly investigated and thoughtfully arranged.

For discerning travelers who wish to fly privately, our charter team can assist in finding the right aircraft to meet your needs. Private charters have become increasingly popular, as they avoid many of the frustrating issues around commercial air travel.


BTA works exclusively with luxury hotels, resorts, and private villa suppliers. We specialize in securing 4 & 5-star properties, unique accommodations, and boutique hotels that are carefully vetted and regularly inspected. In addition, our preferred Virtuoso hotel partnerships enable us to deliver exclusive amenities and VIP access not available to the general public.

BTA guests regularly receive unique complimentary benefits worth up to $500.


At BTA, we believe travel begins the moment you leave home, and the way you arrive at a destination sets the tone for the remainder of your journey. Our custom travel experiences ensure that your group is paired with the best drivers, guides, and local experts, who fit your personality, travel style, and interests.

Our guides are travel specialists with years of industry experience who can provide behind-the-scenes access and help you discover hidden gems, unique culinary adventures, historic places, and cultural events.