Why Become a BTA Travel Advisor?

Unlock the door to your dream travel business with BTA. We’re not your typical host agency. At BTA, we’re passionate about nurturing the next generation of seasoned travel advisors eager to elevate their business and future entrepreneurs ready for a transformative career leap.

Our founders bring decades of unparalleled experience in travel and business to the table. They understand the essence of making significant life changes, seizing control, and launching the business you’ve always envisioned. They’re here to guide you through every uncertainty, help you overcome any hurdle, and elevate your business —all while prioritizing work-life balance.

Our mission is to empower every travel enthusiast with the opportunity to generate a sustainable income by crafting unforgettable journeys.

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 Live Event to Transform Your Career

Thursday, April 18th

4-7 PM

Ready to transform your passion for travel into a thriving career? Join us in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Thursday, April 18 and unlock the secrets to becoming a successful travel advisor from the team named Best of Our Valley for 2024 by Arizona Foothills Magazine! This is your golden ticket to a career with endless possibilities for exploring the most breathtaking destinations on earth. It’s your unique chance to learn from the top minds in the industry, including our founders, who are eager to share secrets and strategies you won’t find anywhere else!

This one-day event is packed with insider knowledge, from discovering untapped revenue streams to navigating the challenges of the travel advisor landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned pro seeking a fresh perspective or a newcomer dreaming of a career that takes you around the globe, we’ve tailored this event for you.

We’re limiting attendance to ensure an intimate experience where every question is answered, and every voice is heard. Our panel of experts, including agency owners Angie and Janet, who transitioned from forensic accounting and medical careers, will offer invaluable insights into making the leap into luxury travel.

Don’t miss this opportunity to network with the best in the business and learn how to turn your love of travel into a successful career. Spaces are limited for this transformative day, and we invite you to apply to secure your spot and embark on this exciting journey with us.


Learning and Growth with BTA

Joining BTA means embarking on an endless journey of education and discovery within the luxury travel world including: 

  • Virtuoso Travel Basics Program for newcomers

  • MAPS – BTA’s exclusive training to catapult your business to seven-figure

  • Weekly mastermind sessions

  • Engagements at industry conferences and local events

State-of-the-Art Technology

Leverage cutting-edge technology, marketing strategies, and insights. BTA advisors gain access to:

  • Proprietary white-labeled booking engine

  • Advanced CRM systems

  • Top-tier commission tracking

  • Sophisticated itinerary design tools

  • Secure transaction processing

  • Automated communications for clients and suppliers

  • Custom AI chat bot

Effortless Marketing

Scaling your business is challenging, but BTA simplifies marketing your unique brand. We equip you with:

  • Customizable email and print marketing tools

  • Virtuoso magazine features

  • Social media templates

  • A curated library of images

  • Branded supplier templates

Human Connection

Our Virtuoso Membership provides global connections, yet our heart is in making a local impact. Experience:

  • Opportunities to support community initiatives

  • Global philanthropic efforts

  • Engagements in local charity work

Elevated Experiences

With BTA, you’ll curate and offer the world’s most extraordinary travel experiences, from secluded retreats to grand adventures, backed by:

  • An exclusive selection of over 2,000 preferred hotels

  • A network of exceptional guides and experiences

  • The finest cruises, small group trips, and access to private yachts and jets

Seamless Payments

Our goal is to make your business as seamless and profitable as possible. That’s why we offer the latest technology to get you paid.

  • Secure service fee collection

  • Commissions paid every two weeks

  • Seamless supplier invoices

  • Commission collection done for you



Our new to-industry advisors are placed in team cohorts led by an experienced mentor. Share knowledge and contribute to your new colleagues’ and friends’ growth and success.

Engage in coaching and team-building exercises to hone skills and build camaraderie.

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Craft personalized travel experiences for luxury clients, ensuring every detail reflects their tastes and preferences.

Build and maintain relationships with our esteemed industry partners.

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Keep abreast of the latest luxury travel trends, new destinations, exclusive properties, and unique experiences. BTA prides itself on having an impeccable reputation in the community and the travel industry.

Our affiliate advisors represent our brand and are invited to participate in unique travel experiences worldwide.


Jackie Kotsovos

“Being a part of BTA has allowed me to diversify my skills with opportunities to step into roles outside of advisory services that I value just as much as serving my clients. It is such a supportive role to be in while you grow in multiple directions!”

Jackie Kotsovos, Luxury Advisor

“I find that I am growing much faster professionally than I ever did on my own; being a part of BTA has been a game-changer for my career. As a team, we all bring to the table our individual strengths and celebrate our unique differences. Each person is encouraged to find their niche and specialize. There is so much room for growth and the culture of creativity is encouraged”

Kim Parizek, Luxury Advisor

“I specialize in creating itineraries for our ultra-luxury and concierge-level clients who can be quite demanding and I enjoy that we work with a team approach to handling client services, it makes a big difference.”

Jennifer McCrea, Luxury Advisor

Bri Crowder

“I absolutely love working at BTA. I get to collaborate with an amazing staff. Together as a team, we have the opportunity to turn people’s travel dreams into reality and create lifelong memories. It gives me a sense of fulfillment, allows me to connect with people from different cultures and learn about unique destinations. All while allowing me to pursue my passion in travel.”

Bri Crowder, Luxury Advisor

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Build Your Luxury Travel Business

Congratulations on embarking on your exciting new journey as a luxury travel business owner! We understand that starting out can be challenging, but with the right support system, you can achieve exponential growth and success. At BTA, we’re thrilled to offer our Future Leaders, New Advisor Program, specifically designed to equip you with coaching, tools, and resources to establish and expand your business. For experienced advisors, we offer mentorship and training to help you scale your business quickly and sustainably.

Unlike other host agencies that simply bring in masses of members, we are passionate about nurturing future leaders and industry professionals. We carefully select the most talented and committed advisors seeking a solid support system and personalized relationships. By bringing like-minded and ambitious entrepreneurs together, we believe we can help everyone achieve their goals and find tremendous success.

Our ultimate aim is to help you achieve your dreams, and we understand that success is different for everyone. Your career and life situation will determine the type of business you want to build, and we’re here to help serious entrepreneurs create a travel business that aligns with their vision of success. We want to support and help you grow and thrive throughout your travel advisory journey.

Make An Impact

As a BTA Affiliate Advisor and Virtuoso member, you have access to an extensive network that offers endless possibilities for your clients, ranging from traditional luxury to unique adventures. However, at BTA, we are also passionate about philanthropy, making a positive difference in local communities, sustainable travel practices, and experiences that give back.

We are looking for advisors who share our mission of making the world a better place through travel. By partnering with the right local and international organizations, every dollar spent can have a positive impact.

Virtuoso Member

As a member of the BTA Affiliate Advisor Program, you will join an exclusive group of the world’s best advisors with Virtuoso. This membership will give you access to more than 1700 luxury hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, and suppliers that offer unique amenities to your clients. You will also get access to hundreds of training programs, including the Virtuoso Travel Basics Program, customized lead generation, and the chance to participate in the prestigious Virtuoso Travel Week, which is known as the Oscars of the travel industry.

Virtuoso member host agency BTA

BTA Supplier Benefits

In addition to Virtuoso’s incredible benefits, BTA also has agreements with luxury hotels, representation companies, and cruise and tour operators, all designed to create an unforgettable experience for your clients and higher commissions for you!

Luxury Hotels

Access programs such as Preferred Hotels Platinum Partner, Hyatt Prive, JMak and many more to elevate your brand and your client’s travel experiences.

Educational Journeys

Invitations to exclusive travel experiences not available to other travel advisors to help you hone your skills and increase your knowledge.

In-Person Events

By partnering with BTA you will receive a steady stream of invitations to the most desirable in person networking and learning events. Clear your schedule because it’s about to get filled up!

Exclusive Ground Partners

We partner with local DMC’s, guides and suppliers to offer exclusive access and the most authentic experiences for every type of traveler.


At BTA, we elevate the traditional role of travel advisors. Our advisors craft bespoke, curated itineraries that cater to their clients’ unique desires, embodying the essence of luxury travel. This distinction reflects our commitment to personalized service and unparalleled expertise in designing sophisticated travel experiences.

BTA prides itself on being a boutique travel agency where quality surpasses quantity. As such, we accept only a select number of applicants into our affiliate advisor team. This approach ensures that our reputation in both the community and the industry is upheld. Our rigorous selection process focuses on identifying individuals who show promise for exceptional success, professionalism and drive.

Absolutely. BTA’s introduction program for new advisors spans 12 months, offering comprehensive training and mentorship to ensure a solid foundation in luxury travel advisement. This extensive program is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

At BTA, we prioritize the quality of our advisory services over sheer numbers. By fostering smaller, cohesive cohorts of like-minded individuals, we facilitate an environment conducive to significant growth and scaling for our advisors. Our vision is not to be the largest agency but to be the most distinguished in delivering luxury travel experiences.

The majority of BTA advisors enjoy the flexibility of working from home. However, we are actively exploring opportunities to establish community office spaces. These hubs will serve as vibrant centers for our advisors to collaborate, exchange ideas, network, and further their education in luxury travel.

Initially, advisors may operate as generalists, exploring various facets of luxury travel. Yet, we observe that advisors often achieve greater success upon honing their expertise in specific travel niches or destinations. Specialization allows for deeper knowledge and a more tailored service offering to clients.

BTA is a proud member agency of Virtuoso, granting our advisors and their clients access to an elite network of the world’s finest travel suppliers and experiences. Membership in this prestigious consortium is limited to the top 1% of travel agencies and aligns with the needs and expectations of luxury travelers.

BTA embodies the essence of a boutique agency, where personal connections, mentorship, and a sense of community are paramount. Unlike larger, impersonal agencies, BTA focuses on nurturing deep relationships with our advisors, ensuring a supportive and collaborative environment.

As a BTA advisor, your income primarily derives from commissions on booked travel arrangements and professional service fees. While planning fees are collected at the onset of the client journey, commissions are typically disbursed after the client has returned from their trip, ensuring a rewarding financial structure for our advisors.

Our commission model is tailored to reflect the knowledge and experience level of each advisor, starting at 70% for those new to the industry. This flexible approach allows us to accommodate advisors at different stages of their careers, ensuring fair and motivating compensation.

While we recognize some advisors may initially balance their role at BTA with other commitments, we have found that a minimum dedication of 20-25 hours per week is crucial for effectively launching and scaling your business. Successful advisement demands a significant commitment to your clients and business growth.

Yes, BTA offers a specialized program for influencers. For more information on how your unique position can complement our vision, we invite you to explore further details [here].

Certainly. BTA welcomes experienced travel advisors seeking to elevate their career within our distinguished agency.

BTA offers various programs for affiliate advisors depending on your level of experience, existing book and business and the support required. Contact us to learn more.

We are currently accepting applications for our next cohort. Note that we select approximately 10% of applicants, undertaking multiple personal interviews to ensure a mutual fit for success within BTA. We look forward to exploring your potential membership with our team.