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Embarking on the voyage of a lifetime is a thrilling endeavor, and if you’re seeking unparalleled luxury and expertise, look no further than TCS World Travel. AT BTA, we are proud to have connections with such an outstanding private jet company. With a remarkable legacy spanning over 30 years, TCS World Travel has consistently delivered extraordinary, all-inclusive journeys to unique destinations across the globe. As fellow enthusiasts of the travel industry, it’s impossible to ignore the impressive track record – having operated close to 300 luxury jet tours to more than 200 destinations, TCS World Travel stands out as one of the most experienced and awarded jet expedition companies globally. As a passionate team of experts, TCS World Travel and Boutique Travel Advisors work together to innovate and redefine the art of exploration, ensuring each moment is crafted for an unforgettable adventure. If you’re ready to elevate your travel experience we are excited to announce upcoming TCS World Travel journeys that are sure to exceed all expectations. 

Around the World By Private Jet – March 2024

Embark on an extraordinary 22-day odyssey with TCS World Travel’s “Around the World” itinerary, a meticulously curated journey that unfolds seamlessly, much like a vivid dream. The adventure begins in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, setting the stage for a captivating exploration that spans the globe. From the mystical allure of Cusco and the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu in Peru to the enigmatic Easter Island in Chile, each destination on this epic voyage seamlessly blends into the next, creating a captivating narrative of global discovery. Easter Island is on our list of the most beautiful places most people don’t know exist! 

Imagine navigating the crystal-clear waters of Papeete, Tahiti, and immersing yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Traverse the ancient wonders of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, marvel at the iconic Taj Mahal and the vibrant city of Jaipur in India, witness the untamed beauty of the Serengeti Plain in Tanzania, and lose yourself in the enchanting allure of Marrakech, Morocco. As the journey unfolds, the tapestry of experiences woven together promises not just an exploration of destinations but a profound and immersive encounter with the essence of each remarkable place.

With an intimate group of just 52 guests, this private jet expedition ensures a personalized and enriching experience in each of the nine extraordinary destinations. Finally, the journey comes full circle as you return to the vibrant energy of Miami, Florida. TCS World Travel’s “Around the World” itinerary invites you to create indelible memories, promising an unforgettable chapter in your travel adventures.

TCS World Travel

Ancient Crossroads – February 2024

TCS World Travel’s Ancient Crossroads itinerary, a luxurious expedition that transcends the ordinary. As you step aboard the luxury private jet, your adventure begins in the heart of London, England, a city where history seamlessly intertwines with modern sophistication. If you’re looking to spend a few days in London on the front end of your TCS trip, consider looking at our London activity ideas. From there, brace yourself for an odyssey that spans nine countries and captivates the imaginations of just 52 privileged guests.

The first stop on this remarkable itinerary is the sun-kissed island of Malta, where ancient ruins and azure waters beckon. Journey eastward to Tbilisi, Georgia, a city at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, rich in history and cultural diversity. In Samarkand, Uzbekistan, marvel at the architectural splendors of the Silk Road before jetting off to the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand, where the bustling streets and ornate temples create a sensory feast.

The journey continues to the enchanting Paro, Bhutan, nestled in the Himalayas, offering a glimpse into a kingdom steeped in spirituality. Kathmandu, Nepal, welcomes you with its ancient temples and vibrant markets, setting the stage for the next leg of the adventure. Traverse the vibrant colors of Jaipur, India, and the historical charm of Hoi An, Vietnam, before arriving in Muscat, Oman, where the juxtaposition of ancient traditions and modern luxury awaits.

The Ancient Crossroads expedition ensures an intimate experience with just 52 fellow travelers, fostering camaraderie and shared moments that elevate the journey. As the expedition circles back to London, England, you’ll find yourself forever changed by the tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and memories woven together during this extraordinary 23-day odyssey.

A President’s Journey: A Nordic Adventure by Air, Land & Sea – July 2024

Step into the lap of luxury with TCS World Travel’s President’s Journey: A Nordic Adventure, a 15-day escapade that promises to redefine your travel experience. The journey begins in Reykjavík, Iceland, a land of otherworldly landscapes,  geothermal wonders and spectacular views. We have already complied a list of hidden gems and main sights in Iceland to get you excited! The unparalleled convenience of private aviation ensures not only a seamless transition from one captivating destination to the next but also an intimate setting for just a privileged few, with 52 guests embarking on this Nordic odyssey.

Greenland, a vast expanse of ice and natural beauty, unfolds beneath the wings of the private jet, offering an exclusive vantage point that few get to experience. Returning to Reykjavík, Iceland, the journey continues to Helsinki, Finland, a city where modern design meets rich cultural heritage. Tallinn, Estonia, with its charming medieval Old Town, invites you to stroll through history before jetting off to Copenhagen, Denmark, where the juxtaposition of historic charm and contemporary allure creates an enchanting atmosphere.

The President’s Journey takes an exhilarating detour to the Faroe Islands, an archipelago of dramatic landscapes and rugged beauty. Private jet travel ensures not only efficiency but also the luxury of choosing your pace, allowing you to immerse yourself in the highlights of each destination. From the vibrant markets of Helsinki to the medieval streets of Tallinn and the picturesque landscapes of the Faroe Islands, this Nordic adventure is a testament to the exclusivity and comfort that private jet travel affords.

TCS World Travel

Four Seasons World of Adventure – April 2024

Embark on a 24-day odyssey of opulence and exploration with TCS World Travel’s “A Four Seasons Private Jet Experience – World of Adventures.” This extraordinary journey unfolds aboard the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience A321neo-LR, a symbol of luxury that ensures a seamless and lavish travel experience for a select group of 48 passengers. The adventure begins in Seattle, Washington, where the emerald city sets the stage for an unparalleled exploration of the globe.

Touch down in Kyoto, Japan, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of ancient traditions, tranquil temples, and breathtaking cherry blossoms. The journey then leads to Bali, Indonesia, where the vibrant culture, lush landscapes, and pristine beaches invite you to indulge in a paradise of relaxation and discovery. Seychelles, with its idyllic beaches and coral reefs, provides a tropical haven before the expedition takes you to the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, where encounters with majestic mountain gorillas promise to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Marrakech, Morocco, beckons with its vibrant souks, historic palaces, and the intoxicating aroma of spices in the air. The adventure continues to Bogotá, Colombia, where a blend of colonial architecture and modern energy awaits. Explore the unique biodiversity of the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador, and witness firsthand the wonders that inspired Charles Darwin. Finally, the journey concludes in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where the sun-drenched beaches and vibrant atmosphere provide a fitting end to this grand voyage.

Along the way, each destination is not just a stop but a canvas for a myriad of activities. From serene tea ceremonies in Kyoto to thrilling wildlife safaris in Rwanda and immersive cultural experiences in Bali, the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience ensures that every moment of your 24-day adventure is enriched with unparalleled luxury and curated activities. Indulge in the ultimate travel experience with TCS World Travel, where the “World of Adventures” awaits, promising a journey that transcends the ordinary and leaves an indelible mark on your global explorations.

Why Travel with TCS?

Traveling with TCS World Travel is not just a journey; it’s an unparalleled expedition that redefines luxury and exploration. The comprehensive nature of their packages ensures that once you step on board, everything is taken care of, leaving you free to savor every moment of your adventure. The all-inclusive nature of TCS World Travel’s offerings covers travel via private jet, accommodations in top-notch hotels, all meals and beverages (including select beer, wine, and spirits both on board the jet and during group meals), ground transportation, daily activities, expert guides, and even gratuities – truly leaving no detail unattended.

One distinctive feature that sets TCS World Travel apart is the inclusion of Explorer Destinations. These off-the-beaten-path stops are chosen for their remote beauty, unique wildlife access, or historical and cultural significance, prioritizing the authenticity of the experience over luxurious lodging and dining. It’s an invitation to explore destinations that go beyond the conventional, adding depth and richness to your travel narrative.

For solo travelers seeking the thrill of exploration, TCS World Travel extends a special offer that exemplifies their commitment to inclusivity. Booking a solo seat on select expeditions comes with a 100% waiver on the solo supplement, underscoring their appreciation for those who embark on the journey of discovery independently. Group travel is a great way for any solo individuals to travel!

The luxury doesn’t stop with the destinations; it’s seamlessly woven into every aspect of the journey. Traveling in private jets allows for unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and exclusivity, ensuring that your time is spent indulging in experiences rather than waiting in lines. Accommodations are carefully selected for their opulence and comfort, creating a retreat at the end of each day that complements the grandeur of the expedition.

In collaboration with TCS World Travel, Boutique Travel Advisors proudly endorses these extraordinary journeys. We recognize the exceptional quality and attention to detail that TCS brings to each trip, making them an ideal partner for those seeking not just a vacation but a transformative travel experience. With TCS World Travel, every journey is a masterpiece, an intricate tapestry of exploration, luxury, and unforgettable moments.

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