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I recently had the opportunity to experience a Backroads vacation, and here’s why you should highly consider traveling with Backroads for your next vacation.  Backroads is a travel company that offers vacations in over 60 countries,  combining active travel with world-class accommodations and cuisine for the last 40+ years.  This May, I traveled with Backroads on one of its multi-adventure vacations to the Greek Islands, and here are 7 reasons why it’s a fantastic travel company.

      why your next vacation should be with Backroads

1. It Really is for All Fitness Levels

Having experienced a Backroads group vacation with other travelers ranging in age and fitness level, I was able to see how the company caters to each individual’s abilities and interests.  Each morning, the Backroads trip leaders present several route options. This offered varying length, differing levels of physical difficulty, and multiple options for modifications – allowing you to decide exactly what you want to do that day and how much time you want to spend doing it.  On my vacation, we also had the option to pick one of three different bikes – performance bike, touring bike, or e-bike.  You can spend the entire day hiking or biking, hopping on and off the support van when tired, or relaxing back at your luxury accommodations. It was important as travelers to be sure we packed the right gear for our adventures. 

why your next vacation should be with Backroads

2. It Redefines Group Travel

Backroads offers multiple small group vacation options, including private, family,  couples, friends, and solos.  With years of practice, Backroads has mastered the art of crafting vacations and group size, bringing together like-minded travelers to discover extraordinary places.  On the vacation, I had multiple opportunities to build community with my fellow travelers through experiences such as wine tasting, learning traditional dances, and an authentic Greek picnic lunch at a women’s co-op.  Dinners were filled with storytelling and shared laughter as we reflected back on our day and accomplishments.  That being said, I never felt like it was “group travel.”  If you wanted to spend the day biking on your own, it was encouraged!  Opt out of one of the planned dinners, no problem!  Take the short hike option to allow time to browse a small local village, great!  You can truly be as social or independent as you want.  Still not sold – then book a private tour! Booking with a travel agency can guarantee you  optimize your backroads vacation.

why your next vacation should be with Backroads

3. The Vacations are the Perfect Length

Backroads offers multiple vacation packages so you can choose what’s right for you, ranging from 3 to 7 nights.  Whether you’re looking for weekend options to explore a new part of the United States or seeking a new experience traveling abroad for your summer vacation, Backroads has the right experience and destination for you.  I recommend the 5 night adventures as it’s the perfect amount of time to add on a day or two at the beginning or end portion of your vacation.  In Greece, most travelers in my group arrived early to experience the ancient Greek ruins in Athens, and extended their stay on the backend of the trip to soak up some R&R on one of the other many amazing Greek islands.

4. They Aren’t Kidding When They Say They Take Care of Everything

It wasn’t until day 3 of my vacation that I realized I had yet to even pull out my wallet.  From endless snacks and drinks, authentic local cuisine and celebration drinks, to 24 hour support, Backroads handles it all.  Each vacation includes all breakfasts, lunches, and the majority of dinners.  In addition, snacks and drinks were always accessible throughout the day. I don’t think anyone ever went hungry on our trip!  Vacations with Backroads include gratuities at hotels and restaurants, guides and drivers, and often additional local experts.  It was incredibly refreshing to never have to worry about “how much should we tip this guide or do you have cash for the driver or server?”  Most itineraries also have special events such as wine tastings and private tours at museums and historic sites.  And of course, custom bike options, water bottles, helmets, and walking sticks were provided.  One day I wanted to veer off course to stop mid-route for a cappuccino in a local cafe, and with the provided GPS, I was able to easily find my way. Backroads even had a bike lock for me to safely park my bike for the hour.  This company has really thought of everything.

5. The Company’s Name is Backroads for a Reason

Backroads provides travelers with an individualized journey, all while taking the path less traveled.  Countless times throughout my trip we were the only ones on the trail. We had access to unique local wineries and restaurants, and traversed routes impossible to discover without our guides’ local expertise.  Perhaps my favorite day was when we took a private boat to the Therasia Island, leaving the crowds behind and spending the day with a local couple learning the history of and way of life on the island.  They led us on a 5 mile hike along the rim of the island and we never passed another tourist.  While biking solo,  I was able to take in the sounds and views of the local region. There were children playing in a village school yard, sheep bells ringing as they were herded into a pen by a farmer, and sounds of waves crashing onto the shore. Backroads allowed you to incorporate some of the off-the-beaten path activities you wished to do solo.

Additionally, if you desired to visit more of the “tourist” areas, extending your trip on the front or back end of your backroads adventure would be a great idea. If looking to stay in Greece, check out some of the hotels with amazing views throughout the country.

6. Customer service is Top Notch

Even before the start of my vacation, it was clear that Backroads defines luxury travel.  Personalized emails, clothing, and itineraries were delivered to my house prior to departure; Support was provided 24/7 with  two trip leaders and one support guide. We had support vans each day to provide a “boost” if someone wanted to ditch their bike for bit. Undoubtedly, the leaders and guides always went the extra mile to make sure the guests had an amazing experience.   Dietary preferences and allergies were always taken into consideration and help was never far away.  A fellow traveler suffered a flat tire and within a matter of minutes, a guide was there replace the tire.  Backroads handled the stress and hassle of travel so I didn’t have to!

why your next vacation should be with Backroads

7.  It Leaves You Inspired for More

Lastly, it’s no wonder people are hooked after their first Backroads experience. I finished my vacation feeling excited, enriched, and rejuvenated.  By providing an active vacation in a unique location, you really are able to have an all encompassing experience.  Backroads offers various types of vacations, with 8 different ways to “go active.”  From multi-sport, walking, snow adventures, active culinary, and active ocean and river cruises, you have multiple options to pick the vacation that is right for you.

I can’t wait to plan my next Backroads vacation and highly recommend you consider one also.  The majority of itineraries sell out 9-12 months in advance. Therefore, don’t delay and call Boutique Travel Advisors to help navigate which vacation would be the best for you!

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