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If you like exploring new destinations and hiking through beautiful scenery, you are an adventure traveler. These trips are an excellent way to meet nature in its true form while having a memorable experience. Preparation is crucial to adventure travel, and that includes finding the right clothing for your trip. Check out these suggestions of outdoor clothing items to acquire for your next journey!

Clothes You Need on an Adventure Travel
outdoor clothing

The actual selection will depend on your destination. Learn about the usual temperatures during the day and night in the area you plan to visit. Make sure to check the weather forecast and get ready for anything that the specific surroundings can throw at you! Proper packing is essential for any adventure.

Comfortable (and Thermal) Underwear

We’ll start with the basics. You’ll probably do a lot of hiking, so you need comfortable underwear. Aim for premium materials that guarantee maximum breathability.

The underwear length depends on your preference. If the temperatures go below zero, you could benefit from long johns. But if it’s summer, boxers are a better fit when it comes to outdoor clothing. Make sure to pack at least three pairs of underwear, so you won’t be in for any nasty surprises.

Long-Sleeve and Short-Sleeve T-Shirts

You can wear short sleeves if it’s hot, but don’t forget the sunscreen. Always use UPF 50+ because you’ll be spending the entire day in the sun.

Experienced travelers prefer long sleeves. They offer multiple advantages, including:

  • Keeping you safe from ticks, flies, and other insects
  • Protecting you from the sunlight and potential burns
  • Reducing the risk of cuts and scratches when hiking through the woods

Look for long sleeve shirts with an extendable collar. That will help to protect your neck from sunlight and insects.

Hiking Pants

Your pants should be durable and comfortable. That doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful, too. Feel free to choose a unique pattern or go for a versatile pair that you can also wear to dinners. Convertible pants are a great trick since you can unzip and turn them into shorts in seconds. It helps when you want to catch some sunlight or if it’s too hot.

Lightweight Jacket

If you are hiking for hours, each ounce of weight you are carrying matters. That’s why your jacket shouldn’t be a burden. A lightweight jacket should cover you in mild temperatures, and you can always look for a unit with a synthetic insulated puffy. Many premium brands offer fantastic combinations that will fit your style, so your choice is vast when it comes to mild outdoor clothing.

Warm Outerwear

Yes, you can always grab another blanket in the evening. But you should also consider additional layers while on the move. Are you expecting rain, or there’s snow in the area you are visiting?

Experienced adventure travelers know the importance of rainy jackets and pants. The outerwear should be breathable and waterproof. Get units with a hood, but one you can adjust so it doesn’t compromise your visibility. Adjustable waist and pants are also helpful to avoid getting cold or wet.


Do you plan on visiting places where you can swim during your trip?  If yes, you’ll need the right clothing! Just imagine – you hike for hours and finally reach that cove with a beautiful beach and crystal clear water. Now it’s time to shine with that swimsuit from the latest catalog you acquired recently! Perhaps you’re visiting Hawaii, check out our adventurous Hawaii activity blog for more inspiration.


It’s time to focus on what you’ll wear on your feet. For starters, take multiple pairs of socks. If you are hiking, your socks will probably be dirty in the evening. Consider the entire trip plan and bring the required sock pairs accordingly. You’ll also need a spare pair of shoes to be on the safe side. Now, let’s see some footwear suggestions to consider.

Comfortable Boots

Boots are a smart solution for the winter. They protect your feet from getting cold or wet. That means you should aim for top-quality material. A pair of luxury boots can last for years while maximizing your traveling experience. Apart from offering the expected performance, your boots should also be comfortable.

Running Shoes

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you might go on a track where you can run. So, don’t forget to bring your running shoes. If you need a new pair, stick to premium brands like Asics, Brooks, or New Balance. You can experiment with colors and patterns, but make sure they are comfortable.

Lightweight Sandals

Sandals are for the summer and sandy surfaces. If there’s a desert-like section you need to pass, lightweight sandals can be the right footwear. You can also wear them to the beach or when going into the water for a swim. Sandals can also play a protective role if the bottom of the water has sea urchins or other creatures.


outdoor clothing

Accessories can be both stylish and functional additions to your traveling equipment. The experts suggest considering these items when going on an adventure trip!


A backpack isn’t an accessory as much as mandatory gear. You’ll need it to pack spare clothing and other items. Backpacks should have sufficient room for everything you want to carry, including a storage compartment for water.

Money Belt

A money belt is useful to know that your cash is always nearby. You don’t want to keep the cash directly in money belt pockets. Instead, find a quality wallet for your money. That way, your travel wallet will keep your money secure even if the bag gets wet.

Hats, Beanies, Caps

A hat can protect you from the sunlight in the summer while making you look cool. Beanies are stylish accessories, and caps can prove to be a crucial part of your snow gear. If the weather gets cold or windy, these accessories will keep your head and ears warm along with your other outdoor clothing.


If the weather conditions are harsh, waterproof gloves are imperative to keep your hands warm. But even if the temperatures are milder, you can benefit from gloves. They can protect you from getting your hands dirty and minimize the risk of scratches and cuts. If you are hiking through the desert, you should wear gloves with sunlight protection.


Scarfs have multiple benefits. A lightweight and comfortable unit will improve your overall appearance while protecting you from sunlight in the summer. During the winter, scarves can ensure you stay warm by preventing the wind from blowing into your neck.


A pair of high-quality glasses can be useful in both summer and winter. Stick to premium brands that offer the ultimate scratch resistance. It comes as a given that the glasses should have 100% UVA and UVB protection. Finally, look for polarized lenses since you’ll benefit from reduced glare from the snow or sunlight.


Adventure trips are an excellent way to create lifelong memories. If you want to maximize enjoyment and travel experience, it’s necessary to bring the right outdoor clothing items with you. Make sure to create a list and carry all clothing pieces and accessories you might need. Not only will you look amazing, but you’ll also be ready for anything the weather conditions can throw at you during the trip! Be sure to check out all of our luxury travel essentials, as outdoor clothing doesn’t make up all of our travel essentials. If you have any other questions, be sure to ask your luxury travel advisor for suggestions.


Article By: BTA world correspondent Mariam Simmons

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