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I have a secret. And it’s one I want to share with the world… the magic of travel.

Hi, I’m Julie Rose. I’ve been to all 50 U.S. states, and 31 countries. I’m a solo travel and nomadic lifestyle blogger turned travel coach, and I’ve been traveling full-time, 24-7, since 2020. 

And jet lag aside, I still feel a sense of wonder and exhilaration whenever I step off a plane into a land unknown. 

An excitement that is palpable for what I might discover.

A sense of peace and happiness for being right where I belong at this moment in time.

An indulgence that is all mine to savor through each bite or sip.

And then, inevitably, a challenge which makes me stronger and more capable. 

My confidence, especially with solo travel, was built up over time and a lot of experiences. I started out close to home, and I dabbled in longer, farther, more foreign trips. 

And during each trip and in each destination, I learned so much about travel… and about myself. Like:

  • My experience is the best when I’m curious, open, approachable, and receptive
  • The best travel stories unfold when things don’t go quite according to plan
  • It’s a foreign country, not a foreign planet. We are more alike than we think we are, and the vast majority of people are good
  • Don’t overpack; there’s almost always an H&M
  • Worrying is like running on a treadmill. I can burn a lot of time and energy doing it, but it will get me nowhere
  • Of all of life’s regrets, nobody regrets their travels
  • It may cost me at the beginning, but in the end, travel will make me a richer person

Photo Courtesy of Julie Rose

I’m 37 now, and I’ve been traveling, mostly solo, ever since my 20s. And if you were wondering, “Is a love of travel nature or nurture?” my vote is for nature. To my core, I am a wanderess, and I always have been; it’s innate.

I would venture a guess that this appreciation for travel is innate in a lot of us. Many of us grew up going to Disneyworld or the Grand Canyon, Maui or the local campground. But going somewhere very culturally different, or going alone, or going very far away, or going for an extended period of time… is another story. The idea may excite you, but perhaps it’s too foreign. Too costly. Too out of your wheelhouse. Too many unknowns, too many moving pieces. 

What’s not innate when it comes to travel is the courage to wholeheartedly take on the unknown or different. That courage is learned and nurtured. You can teach yourself how to really love travel, not just the good parts, but the inconvenient parts, how to feel comfortable traveling, and how to be really good at it: with practice. (And with help.)

If you’re contemplating a dream trip, a dream destination, a dream activity, or just something that’s totally NEW TO YOU — that’s where I can come in. Research, planning, industry insights, vetted recommendations, and destination expertise — I’m your resource, your travel coach, and you can lean on me. 

travel coach

Photo Courtesy of Julie Rose

What can I expect from a travel coach?

Travel coaching differs from the services offered by travel advisors, who do the booking for you.  As your travel coach, I will work with you to determine strategies on best places to travel, where to stay and how best to plan each day based on your interests, travel style, and budget. Using my expertise as a traveler and prior expertise in marketing and consumer behaviors, I will make recommendations that will help you navigate throughout the decision-making process of planning a trip.

My ideal client wants a little more control over their trip, but they don’t want to do all the time-consuming research or take a chance on hotels and tour operators without firsthand experience. As your travel coach, I’ll come to the table with real-life destination knowledge and curated recommendations, taking into account your budget and overall goals, and guide you through self-booking your trip.

My travel expertise will help you eliminate the guessing, uncertainty, and fatigue that comes with making travel decisions. We encourage you to book from our affiliate partner websites and booking engines, which further supports me as a travel coach, but also provides you peace of mind that you are booking your travel with better suppliers. You will also have Boutique Travel Advisors as a potential resource if you are having any issues communicating with a hotel, tour operator, or other supplier booked through our affiliate partners.

If, after we put your itinerary together, you run into challenges booking it yourself or do not have the time available to complete this next step to making your trip happen, you can choose to work with one of our travel advisors to take over the booking and management of your trip for a reasonable fee increase. Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine how to book your trip!

The important thing is getting started, and chasing your DREAMS… your dream travel destinations. My secret is one I openly share: come and discover the JOY of traveling intentionally and immersively! Now is the time to turn to turn your #travelinspo into reality.

Want to work with me? Schedule a time for a 30-minute travel coach consultation ($50 USD) and learn how I can support your travel style, interests, goals, and budget (no travel budget is too small for my consulting services)!

Julie Rose — travel coach and travel blogger — independent affiliate of Boutique Travel Advisors, a Virtuoso travel agency

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