Top Five Reasons Why you Should Choose Seabourn for your Next Luxury Cruise

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In today’s diverse cruise market, it is fair to say that there is a cruise line to fit almost anyone’s style of travel.  If you are considering a luxury cruise, look no further than Seabourn Cruise Lines.  Seabourn captures all the fine details of 5-star luxury while providing a relaxed country club casual atmosphere. Seabourn’s all-suite accommodations, personalized service, and upscale dining truly set them apart from their competitors.

I recently had the pleasure of sailing on the Seabourn Odyssey in the Caribbean. As an avid cruiser with over 35 cruises under my belt, Seabourn exceeded my highest expectations. From my experience, here are the top five reasons to choose Seabourn for your next luxury cruise:


1. Exquisite Service

Service is Seabourn’s trademark and it’s easy to see why. From the moment a Seabourn staff member greeted us at the airport, I felt special.  Seabourn has nearly one staff member to each guest allowing them to provide a unique style of heartfelt hospitality.   The personalized service is felt immediately as staff members all around the ship remember your name and very quickly, know your beverage and dining preferences.  For each suite, guests are assigned a personal suite host and suite attendant to attend to your every need.  From drawing a warm bath with hot oils & rose pedals to ensuring we received our daily ritual of champagne and caviar; our suite host and attendant provided an absolutely perfect in-suite experience.  From beginning to end, I truly felt the passionate energy of the staff; it was more than just a team of services, it felt like a family.  On your Seabourn cruise, tipping for service is neither required nor expected. If you love the intimate service provided on cruises, a European river cruise could also be right up your alley.

top five reasons to choose Seabourn for your next luxury cruise

2. The Culinary Experience

Another one of the top five reasons to choose Seabourn for your next luxury cruise would be the outstanding cuisine. With menus by Chef Thomas Keller (of French Laundry fame), our dining experiences throughout the ship were an epicurean delight.  Seabourn is a proud member of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, one of the world’s most prestigious gastronomic societies devoted to the art of fine dining. Not only were the meals delicious, but the presentations were oftentimes artistic masterpieces.  There is an appealing selection of restaurants onboard the Odyssey and the modern luxury feel of their dining venues provides a relaxed feel; jackets were optional for most nights.  Although reservations are accepted, you may dine where, when, and with whom you wish.


In addition to daily chef specials, menus included a variety of classic steaks, seafood, and pastas dishes.  My personal favorites included their tableside Caesar’s salad, Sole Meunière, and the Chef’s Tasting menus.  For dessert, I loved the daily soufflé specials with warm molten chocolate or Amaretto cream poured into my confection while at the table. Another dining highlight for me was their Afternoon Tea service.  Seabourn provides a proper English tea complete with a selection of luxury teas, sweet desserts, and savory finger sandwiches.  Served daily from 4-5 p.m. in the Observation Bar, live piano music also accompanies this amazing experience.  Throughout the ship, complimentary spirits, champagne and fine wines are flowing.  All dining, regardless of venue or dining selection were at no additional up charges.


3. Suite Accommodations

There are no “cabins” on a Seabourn cruise, just suites.  Our entry level suite was impressive and quite roomy.  The bedroom area was adjoined to an ample sized sitting and dining area and included a walk-in-closet with a safe and a beautifully appointed marble bathroom with a full-sized bathtub. Additionally, our private veranda was quite large and the perfect setting for our daily caviar and champagne service during sunset. We were thrilled that our suite included luxury bath products by Molton Brown, and a bar was fully stocked with our personal beverage preferences at no additional charge.  In line with Seabourn’s attention to every detail, their suites include motion sensor lighting that softly illuminate the baseboards when your feet touch the ground for those middle of the night “potty” breaks.

4. Intimate Ships

Voted the “Best Small Cruise Line” by Conde Nast, Seabourn’s top-of-the line ships offer an intimate private club style atmosphere and I felt as if I were a guest aboard a luxury yacht.  With only 400-600 passengers, Seabourn offers one of the highest space per guest ratios in the industry and their fleet is some of the newest and most modern in their class. Undoubtedly, the intimate ship size and high staff to guest ratio compliment their personalized service very well. However, if you are cruising with children and family, you may want to consider a cruise line better suited for your group.

top five reasons to choose Seabourn for your next luxury cruise

5. Unique Itineraries

Additionally, another one of the top five reasons to choose Seabourn for your next luxury cruise is that Seabourn offers curated voyages to all seven continents. Their intimate size allows them to visit hidden harbors and ports that larger ships cannot access.  Instead of your typical “Eastern Caribbean” or “Western Caribbean” itinerary, our Classic Caribbean Yacht Harbor sailing aboard the Odyssey, took us to what is often referred to as the “Uncommon Caribbean.” Embarking from Barbados, our unique itinerary included Bequia, St. Lucia, Nevis, Antigua, St. Kitts, and St. Maarten.

Although I enjoyed all of our Seabourn shore excursions, my two favorite adventures were in Antigua and St. Kitts. In Antigua, we sailed thru the turquoise waters on a catamaran and snorkeled in a nearby reef full of marine life.  After snorkeling, our catamaran Capitan found a secluded cove where we then enjoyed unlimited champagne (or any beverage of our choice) and grilled lobster on the beach. If excursions are something you really enjoy, after taking on a Seabourn cruise, consider an adventure on an expedition cruise. 

While in St. Kitts, we tendered from the Odyssey to Carambola Beach where we enjoyed one of Seabourn’s most popular events; their signature “Caviar in the Surf” beach barbecue. On our private beach, the Seabourn staff were there to serve us while we soaked up the sun and enjoyed a lavish barbecue lunch complete with grilled lobster, unlimited libations, live music, and a fun variety of watersports; all at no additional charge.  During this trademark event, uniformed staff members plunged into the water and invited guests to wade in. Guests that joined were accompanied with iced champagne and caviar from a surfboard bar.  It was truly a spectacular experience.

So, after hearing about the top five reasons to choose Seabourn for your next luxury cruise, will you be hoping onboard a Seabourn cruise in the near future? Be sure to book with a luxury travel advisor to ensure smooth sailing.

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