Top 7 Reasons Why your Next Vacation Should be with Backroads 

Our users support our website. Therefore, we sometimes earn affiliate commissions when you click through the affiliate links on our website. Rest assured that all of our recommendations are made whole-heartedly with the intent of helping travelers like you discover the world authentically and responsibly. I recently had the opportunity to experience a Backroads vacation, and here's why you should highly consider traveling with Backroads for your next vacation.  Backroads is a travel company that offers vacations in over 60 countries,  ...

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Review Of Celebrity Cruises Apex Ship Mediterranean Voyage

Aboard the Apex on a 7-day itinerary through Greece, I would get the golden opportunity to experience and review Celebrity Cruises, an award-winning luxury cruise line, as a first-time guest. The newly launched ship, the Apex, is part of the Celebrity Edge series, designed to give cruisers an overall more luxurious experience. The concept combines upscale contemporary features, health and wellness, and an innovative design while providing a sense of community on board. Apex and its two other sister ships, the ...

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Greece Onboard Celebrity Cruises Apex Ship: A College Student’s Perspective

As a full-time college student, it is rather safe to say I am admittedly not the first in line for a luxury cruising experience through the Mediterranean. Nonetheless, coming on board for a seven-day itinerary on the Celebrity Cruises' new ship, the Apex gave me a chance to explore Greece for the first time by luxury cruising. With an open mind and grateful attitude, I was so ready for an incredible sailing experience that ended up surprising me in the best ...

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