Greece Onboard Celebrity Cruises Apex Ship: A College Student’s Perspective

As a full-time college student, it is rather safe to say I am admittedly not the first in line for a luxury cruising experience through the Mediterranean. Nonetheless, coming on board for a seven-day itinerary on the Celebrity Cruises’ new ship, the Apex gave me a chance to explore Greece for the first time by luxury cruising. With an open mind and grateful attitude, I was so ready for an incredible sailing experience that ended up surprising me in the best way.

My Aunt Angie and I shared so many moments of joy, bliss, and adventure as we explored our way through the Greek islands (and the unexpected detour to Dubrovnik, Croatia, which ended up being half the fun).

As a luxury travel advisor, Angie also shares her honest review and experience of the Celebrity Apex from her point of view. From all of the new friends we made, Aperol spritzs’ we drank, and laughs we shared, this experience stretched my horizons for what luxury cruising entails. I can say from my college student point of view: there is always fun to be had when you find yourself appreciating the beautiful sights of Greece paired with yummy food, amazing entertainment, and of course, even better people!

Aperol Spritz at the Pantheon Restaurant in Athens, Greece

Aperol Spritz at the Pantheon Restaurant in Athens, Greece


From my experience on the newly released Apex Ship with the luxurious, award-winning Celebrity cruise line, I can truly say Celebrity showed me a fun time that I’ll never forget. Featured are how my top five highlights from this luxury cruise experience capture the top benefits of choosing to sail with Celebrity Cruises.


 View of Santorini, Greece

Chloe & the View of Santorini, Greece


Highlights of the Celebrity Apex

Restaurant Choices

My 5th favorite thing about sailing the Celebrity Apex was the designed to perfection restaurants. The Celebrity Apex had so many different restaurants to choose from, specialty restaurants with a unique menu and several similar menu items. Not only did I like the ambiance of each themed restaurant, but the food tasted delicious. The service provided by the waiters was spectacular; there were often two or more servers assisting us while we were dining. Authentic Greek cuisine on its own is delicious and unlike anything you can find at any campus dining hall, but this over-the-top service throughout each course of every meal made for a truly epic dining experience. You could tell the whole Celebrity crew had so much pent-up goodwill and enthusiasm to be of top service after the long pause in cruising due to the pandemic.  


The Amazing Crew

The crew onboard the Celebrity Apex was incredible, from the Captain to our Cruise Director, Giuseppe, whom we all got to know by name. Each employee was attentive to their responsibilities from our cabin housekeeper, Adi, who made sure our room stayed tidy and equipped each day. Whenever walking past one of the crew members in the hallway, restaurants, or between leaving and returning to the ship, they never failed to say Hello, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Welcome Back with a smile on their face, making the ship feel like home away from home. The crew members began to feel like friends as they loved to start conversations and made sure that passengers enjoyed themselves on the ship. The Celebrity crew wanted our stay to be perfect. I truly believe if we had any complaints, they would have made it their goal to troubleshoot with genuine care and consideration.


The Wellness & Fitness Amenities

The gym offered onboard was impressive, especially for being just that… Onboard! It had a wide selection and variety of machines, weights, and even group fitness classes. I attended a yoga class instructed by a knowledgeable and charismatic teacher. Practicing mindfulness and chatarang-ing in a beautiful room with an ocean view was a zen perspective I never knew I needed. The Celebrity Apex Ship also offered an outdoor track on the top two decks for running and walking – completely enhancing the experience of an outdoor workout, even aboard a cruise ship!

Running Track on the Celebrity Apex

Running Track on the Celebrity Apex


The Entertainment

The theatrical shows were one of the biggest highlights of this luxury cruise. While onboard, my aunt Angie and I made a routine of going to the theatre shows every night. We watched comedy, acrobatic dancing, and a magic show, and listened to an array of styles of singers. The performances were engaging and made for a great way to end the night on a high note. Not only were the acts in the theater breathtaking, but the theatre itself was marvelous. The lights, props, sound system, and LED screens made the theatre shows even more experiential and impressive. 

Live Entertainment on the Apex

Live Entertainment on the Apex


The Pool Deck

Of all the things I enjoyed about the Celebrity Apex, the pool deck was where I had the most relaxation and fun. I love to sunbathe and hang out around a pool all day, on our days at sea; this is precisely what I did. The pool was always the perfect temperature, clean, and even had sunbathing chairs on a shallow edge to allow for some water exposure, all while catching some rays. On days at sea, there were also pool games to bring passengers closer together. 

The Pool Deck on the Celebrity Apex

The Pool Deck on the Celebrity Apex


The pool deck had an outstanding amount of lawn chairs to ensure everyone could get a seat. Not only was the pool a great place to refresh, but the ship also had two hot tubs that were on the top deck. The ocean and shore views from the hot tubs were spectacular. Let’s just say they were Instagram-worthy. Around the pool and hot tubs, staff members took food and drink orders, allowing guests to stay back and relax while being serviced. 


My Favorite Port

In comparison to all the port stops we made on the Celebrity Apex, my personal favorite stop was in the beautiful town of Santorini. While in Santorini, my aunt and I decided to do the excursion “Oia Village and Beach Time.” This excursion was by far my favorite. It allowed us to have some downtime and hang out at the beach, and then go on a tour of the famous Oia Village. The beach was beautiful and a great place to relax, and the time spent at Oia included spectacular views. 


View from the Deck on the Celebrity Apex

View from the Deck on the Celebrity Apex


My Final Take on Greece

Overall, I believe that Greece is such a beautiful country. I thought the views throughout my trip to this country were spectacular. The architecture, ruins, ocean views, and mountains were dazzling. Greece truly is picture-perfect when it comes to the sights seen. 

So, what could Celebrity Apex do to enhance the experience for young adults? A few casual, ice-breaking activities upon embarkment would give the 18-22 year old age group the chance to meet and form a bond from the get-go. I found it hard to make friends my age on the journey the first couple of days. By the end, however, we were all good friends. While I was grateful for these newfound friendships, I wish I formed them earlier in the journey.

The Celebrity Apex made for a great cruising excursion. This being my first cruise, I was blown away and hope to return to the Celebrity Apex one day in the future. The memories made aboard the ship will stay with me forever. 

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