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Wow, wow, wow – this is what I have to say about sailing with Regent. I was recently given the incredible opportunity to experience first-hand what it’s like to sail aboard a luxury cruise. As the owner of a boutique travel agency and experienced travel advisor, I believe that we can best serve our clients by experiencing the destinations, accommodations, tours and services before promoting them to our travelers. Having been on many luxury trips throughout my personal and professional life, I expected a high level of service and luxury. However, when sailing with Regent, I was not expecting to be completely blown away! 

While cruising is a prevalent niche within our agency, and we have senior advisors with a deep depth of cruise knowledge and experience, this was my first experience sailing on a luxury ocean cruise, and in particular, sailing with Regent. Now, I don’t think I can ever go back. 

Sailing with Regent

Photos Courtesy of Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line

Sailing on a Luxury  vs. Non-Luxury Cruise Line

Although this was my first experience on a luxury ocean cruise, I’ve sailed more contemporary lines, such as Azamara and Celebrity. I am also fond of traveling by river cruise. However, until now, I relied more on our client’s feedback, our cruise specialists, training, and my relationships with our cruise partners to understand how other cruising styles compare to a luxury cruise experience. Each cruise line and itinerary has a specific appeal. The hardest part for most travelers is knowing which cruise is the right fit for you! 

The luxury cruise lines do not nickel and dime you on drink packages with a la carte port excursions, gratuity add-ons and extra costs for special dining. They often include special promotions on business class air (knowing that their clientele prioritizes traveling by air in comfort), which cannot be matched on price elsewhere. The added costs that mass-market cruise lines charge can quickly add up to more, making luxury cruising more valuable. Take it a step further, and let’s compare luxury cruising to a luxury land itinerary; this is where you can really experience unexpected savings traveling aboard a luxury cruise. By the time you add up the cost of a land itinerary from every hotel stay to the cost of luxury private transfers, first-class commuter flights and train tickets, gratuities, and private tours, not to mention the cost of meals and libations to make your vacation. Just think of splurging at the expense of a private yacht charter for the day. Aboard a Regent sailing, you will find a quiet secluded place to retreat and enjoy the sun and sea as if you are lounging aboard a private yacht. 

If you are wondering whether a luxury cruise will elevate your travel experience, let me share what convinced me it’s a better value for most travelers (even if it may cost you more).

  • My mother accompanied me on my first luxury ocean cruise. Would I enjoy cruising with my husband and other friends who want to join us? Absolutely. But, I liked that luxury cruising accommodated multi-generational families of parents and their adult children, including an adult mother-daughter duo. My mom was so impressed with Regent, and I felt that the cruise line provided amenities that mattered more to her. For those sailing as a family, check out our previous blog
  • As we age, a cushioned lounger and comfortable chairs in a theatre or in common areas where we would play board games for hours are more important. The more experienced staff and a higher crew-to-passenger ratio are values of a luxury cruise that elevate the experience but can be necessary for senior travelers.  
  • The cabins are absolutely incredible! Not only are they cozy and inviting, but they are also more spacious than comparable category cabins on a deluxe or mid-range cruise line. Even though we were in one of the entry-level cabin categories, which have less square footage than the upgraded suites, I was surprised by how much we enjoyed spending time in the room. It was so elegant! The color pallets were sophisticated and classy, and the décor made you feel like you were in a space designed for royalty. From the fancy decorative pillows to the spacious, well-equipped private balcony, we were encouraged to relax, unwind, take in the scenery and read a book. Typically, I do not spend nearly as much time in my room on a cruise, but I was obsessed with our Regent cabin. I also really liked the bathroom, which was both luxurious and spacious, and do not get me started on the closet space. Many multi-million-dollar homes do not have as lovely bathrooms and closet space in their master bedrooms. 
  • As a travel advisor, Regent allowed me a sneak peek into the ship’s most intriguing suites, and oh my, talk about impressive! Additionally, Regent provided access to their management for invaluable Q&A sessions. We were also offered in-person training sessions and educational materials to help us better understand what sets sailing with Regent apart from sailing with other cruise lines.
  • I was even welcomed to a cocktail party hosted by a loyal Regent sailor in his stunning 4443 square-foot Regent Suite. The panoramic view from the balcony was spectacular, and with the pianist playing in the suite and other welcoming touches, every guest felt a sense of glamour and fortune. 

Throughout our sailing, my mother and I noticed the added value of a luxury cruise ship’s common areas and amenities such as a spa, workout facility, pool & hot tubs, eateries, business center, pickle ball court, and common areas. The swimming pools on non-luxury cruises are far more crowded on other cruise ships, and the loungers are not nearly as comfortable or impressive. As a result, I have not wanted to use these facilities on past cruises as much, however, I found myself lounging by the pool more frequently when sailing with Regent. 

Sitting poolside or on the top deck of the Regent SS Splendor, where complimentary shaded umbrellas, loungers, and tabletops modeled what you find poolside at a Four Seasons, coupled with the attentive and friendly cabana service, was one of the highlights of our time onboard. The benefits of complimentary laundry, dry cleaning, and pressing service are a big deal, especially on a longer itinerary with pre and post-cruise. The bonus of this service might even convince my mom to pack half as much the next time we relive our mother-daughter luxury cruise experience!

Photos Courtesy of Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line

A Sense of Community

The community feel of a luxury cruise rivals a backyard picnic with the neighbors. We felt like new members of a welcoming country club. We met new friends who joined us for a game of Scrabble and taught us how to play Rummikub.

When sailing with Regent you will be entertained by a unique program where you can ask to dine with other guests. Finding this concept interesting, we chose to eat with other cruisers for two dinners. I recommend that you do this early into your cruise, as it provides a natural way to meet others on the ship. If you want a mix of privacy and socializing, you will see value in luxury cruising, as it provides the best both environments offer. By the end of the cruise, my mother and I could entertain ourselves differently based on our interests. When sailing with Regent, we found entertainment for all different interests. For example, I met active friends, and we enjoyed playing pickleball and meeting up in the gym for studio classes. My mom is a bit of a card shark. Let’s just say that I appreciated that she was treated as a VIP by the staff in the casino. The TLC they provided my mom made me feel comfortable leaving her alone to enjoy what she likes to do while I ventured into the lounge for live music and other fun entertainment. 

  • By the end of the sailing, my new friends would check in on my mom in the casino to say hello and make sure she didn’t need anything. They did this without me asking.  
  • The all-inclusive nature found when sailing with Regent, in my opinion, is the most significant value of a luxury cruise that first-time and even seasoned cruisers might overlook. If you are a business class air traveler, including the cruise line’s contracted air in their pricing can save you thousands of dollars. I also like that many luxury cruises include the cost of excursions in their base price. The a la carte pricing of tours & activities feels like you are being nickeled and dimed. The same goes for specialty dining, a luxury cruise value typically included in the base price. When excursions are separately charged, there is a tendency for cruises to limit or cancel excursions if they do not have enough people signed up.
Sailing with Regent

Photos Courtesy of Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line

The Exclusive Enrichment Series

Another secret sauce of Regent, in particular, is their Exclusive Enrichment Series. All Regent voyages create opportunities for travelers to learn and engage with other travelers as well as industry experts. From enriching presentations by artists, scientists and thought-leaders to cooking classes led by expert chefs, these programs enhance the overall experience and provide tremendous value on a luxury cruise. You have to evaluate the enrichment and unique programs commonly found on the luxury cruise, including cooking classes, lecture series, and more intimate yet unassuming social networking opportunities.

The Benefits of Cruising

Of course, you would expect the value of a luxury cruise to include a higher quality ship, upgraded amenities, more impressive cabins, and lower staff-to-passenger ratios. However, I found that these were just the expected benefits of luxury cruising. Once you sail on a luxury cruise, I think it will be more challenging to sail any other way unless you take a cruise with children. In this case, I recommend you check out my blog on Celebrity Cruises and the perspective shared by my teenage niece Chloe, a cruise line that is an excellent choice for families with teens and young adults who want more entertainment and nightlife.

For those travelers that prefer to travel by land, you might find a sweet spot for a luxury cruise, where maybe every couple of years, you incorporate a cruise into your annual travel plans. I am convinced that the convenience of not having to pack and unpack, combined with the amenities and service that rivals your favorite boutique hotel, will have you sailing away in your dreams. Did I mention I had some of the best sleep while sailing with Regent on the SS Splendor?

Photos Courtesy of Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line

Tips For Booking A Luxury Cruise:

  • It’s not one-size-fits-all. Just because your mother’s, friends’, sister had a great time on a particular cruise does not mean it’s the right fit for you. Selecting a cruise is about more than choosing the right cruise line. It’s also about finding the best itinerary that matches your personal interests and goals. It’s about choosing the right cabin to meet your individual needs and travel style. Do you want to be close to the elevator or tucked away at the back of the boat? Finally, it’s about selecting suitable travel companions to accompany you on your journey. 
  • Timing is everything. Many avid cruisers place their names on wait lists to get priority on booking the best cabins and most desirable itineraries. Knowing when a cruise will release their future sailings positions you to select the best options. While many cruisers opt to sail in peak season, choosing shoulder-season sailings can provide tremendous value, fewer crowds in popular ports and cheaper flights to get to your destination.
  • Comparing apples to oranges. While the entry price points for a luxury cruise may seem high compared to more mainstream cruise lines, remember that they are not an even comparison. Luxury cruise lines include gratuities, drink packages, specialty dining, excursions and other amenities that add up to thousands of dollars. At the same time, the entry-level cabins on a luxury cruise line align more closely with upgraded cabin categories on mid-market lines. Unless you are happy with a tiny, windowless interior cabin, you will likely be spending significant money to upgrade to a cabin with a picture window or balcony. When factoring in the added costs, the prices are much more comparable. 

If you and your travel companions crave a sailing filled with even more adventure, consider looking into an Expedition Cruise. By choosing the right fit for you, we ensure your travel dreams come true.

For more information on the value of a luxury cruise, or sailing with Regent,  please email, or you can reach out directly to one of our cruise specialists.

Angela Rice is the co-founder of Boutique Travel Advisors and Centered CEO’s. She has been interviewed in dozens of publications, including the Washington Post, USA Today, Travel Weekly, Go BankingRates and Readers Digest. She is an expert in curating luxury travel itineraries for discerning clients, executives, and corporate teams. 

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