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Piedmont is one of the most beautiful areas of Italy for food and wine, a true hidden gem. Read this guide so you can plan the perfect trip.

If you’re looking for a breathtaking Italian getaway, look no further than Piedmont. This stunning region is home to rolling hills, charming medieval towns, and some of Italy’s best food and wine. This blog post will give you all the information you need to plan your perfect trip to Piedmont. We’ll discuss the top towns and villages to visit, wine tastings and festivals to check out, and the best time to go. Plus, we will help you understand how to get there!

Piedmont Italy

Piedmont Region

Piedmont is located in the northwestern corner of Italy, bordering France and Switzerland. The region is known for its beautiful mountains, which include the Alps and the Piedmontese Apennines. Piedmont is also home to Italy’s largest national park, the Gran Paradiso National Park.

A stunning natural area located in Piedmont, Italy, the Gran Paradiso National Park encompasses over 70,000 acres is one of the largest National Parks in Europe. The park is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including bears, wolves, deer, and mountain goats. There are also dozens of glaciers and lakes to explore and miles of hiking trails. Whether you’re a nature lover or just looking for a beautiful place to hike, the Gran Paradiso National Park is a must-see destination in Piedmont, Italy. Visitors can enjoy hiking, camping in the mountains, or fishing and boating on the park’s many lakes and rivers.

Piedmont Italy


The capital of Piedmont is Turin, a city with a rich history dating back to ancient Roman times. Today, Turin is a modern metropolis with plenty to see and do. Some must-see attractions include the Piazza San Carlo, which is one of the most beautiful squares in all of Italy, as well as the Royal Palace and the Mole Antonelliana. Turin is also known for its excellent food and wine. Piedmont is home to some of Italy’s best wines, so be sure to visit one of the city’s many wine bars while you’re here.

Piedmont Italy

Piedmont Towns & Villages

Additionally, Piedmont is home to many charming towns and villages that are perfect for exploring. Alba is a small hilltop town known for its white truffles and festivals. Located just a short drive from Turin, Alba is a delightful town in the heart of Piedmont’s wine country. Alba is famous for its white truffles, which are harvested in the surrounding forests during the fall and winter months. Other highlights include the 12th-century Romanesque cathedral and the Piazza del Mercato, where fresh produce and other local specialties can be found.

Another must-see destination in Piedmont is the town of Barolo, which is one of Piedmont’s most famous towns and is known throughout the world for its excellent wines. The Barolo DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) wine region is located here, and the area’s vineyards produce some of the best Nebbiolo wines in all of Italy. Barolo is a beautiful place to visit, with narrow streets and ancient buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. Highlights include the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, which is surrounded by cafes and restaurants, and the Castello Falletti, a 16th-century castle that now houses a wine museum.

Asti is another must-see town to include in your itinerary and is one of Piedmont’s oldest cities. The town dates back to Roman times, and it’s a great place to explore the region’s history. Asti is renowned for its wine production and has several vineyards and wineries in the area. Be sure to visit Piazza Alfieri, which cafes, shops, churches, and other historic buildings surround. Another highlight is the Torre di Piazza Cattedrale, which offers stunning views of Piedmont’s rolling hills.

Other lovely towns worth exploring include Barbaresco, Bra, and Canelli. Each Piedmont village has its own unique character, making it a great destination for travelers looking to explore something new.

Famous Piedmont Wines

Piedmont is also home to some of Italy’s best-known wines, including Barolo, Barbaresco, and Barbera. Wine lovers will enjoy touring the region’s vineyards and sampling the local vintages. Piedmont’s wine country extends from Monferrato in the west to Langhe in the east.

The most expensive wine produced in Piedmont is the Barolo, a full-bodied red with aromas of dried fruits, roses, truffles and spices. Barbaresco is similar to Barolo but has a softer tannin structure and more floral scents. Barbera is Piedmont’s most widely produced wine and offers excellent value for its price.

Truffle Season

Piedmont is world-renowned for its famous truffles, as the region is one of the best places in Italy to find them. The “white gold” season begins in October and runs through December, but you can usually find some fresh truffles year-round in Piedmont markets. During this period, several Piedmont towns put on their truffle festival, where local chefs showcase their creative recipes featuring Piedmont’s most prized ingredient.

Piedmont Italy

Piedmont’s Best Festivals

There are many excellent festivals held in Piedmont throughout the year. The most famous is the Slow Food Festival, which takes place in Turin in September. Visitors can enjoy local food and wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, and more during this event. These festivals will teach you all about what to eat while traveling in Italy. 

This festival offers a true celebration of the culture of slow living and traditional gastronomy. Held yearly since 1994, it brings together chefs and artisan food producers to create an authentic slow-food experience. The slow food movement began in 1986 with the founding of Slow Food International as a response to the rise of the fast food industry. The slow food festival in Piedmont is a chance for visitors to explore the slow food culture and sample regional dishes prepared with local ingredients. Visitors can also participate in workshops and cooking classes or purchase slow-food-themed products from artisan vendors. There is something for everyone at this event – it is truly unforgettable.

Pizzafest is another popular festival that is all about the celebration of pizza and is held in October it offers a great opportunity to try Piedmont’s many delicious pizzas.

On the other hand, the Alba White Truffle Fair is held each November and is one of Piedmont’s most important events, as it celebrates the world-famous Piedmont white truffle. This expensive delicacy is found only in the Piedmont region of Italy. The fair takes place in Alba, the province’s capital, between October and December each year and attracts thousands of visitors from across Europe and beyond. Local truffle hunters and gourmets at the fair come together to sample and celebrate the Alba white truffle. Vendors offer a variety of dishes featuring the Alba white truffle, including sauces, pasta, risotto, and even ice cream! The Alba White Truffle Fair also features educational workshops about Alba’s culinary heritage and demonstrations.

Oenophiles may want to plan their trip to Piedmont in November around the annual Festa del Barolo wine festival. This unique annual event celebrates one of the world’s most famous wines, Barolo, and brings together winemakers from all over the country for tastings and other activities.

During Festa del Barolo, visitors can sample different wines from dozens of producers and participate in public tastings, educational seminars, cultural activities, workshops, and more.

The festival features various events catering to wine lovers of all levels. From novice tasters to expert sommeliers, everyone is welcome at Festa del Barolo.

Finally, the September annual Palio di Asti festival is fun for visitors of all ages. This event features a jousting tournament dating back to medieval times and even culminates with a bareback horse race. The Palio di Asti festival is a great way to experience Piedmont’s deep history and culture.

Have a luxury travel agent find all of the best festivals to give you the most magical experience.

Piedmont Italy

When to Visit Piedmont

When planning your Piedmont itinerary, be sure to consider the season. Piedmont is best visited in autumn (September through November), when the weather is mild, and there are fewer tourists. This is also when you’ll find the perfect weather for wine tasting and truffle hunting. Winters can be quite cold in Piedmont, making it a less ideal time for exploring the region.

Ultimately, the best time to visit Piedmont depends on your interests. If you’re interested in wine tastings and tours, late spring or early fall is a great time to go. The weather is pleasant, and the vineyards are in full bloom. If truffles are on your radar, plan your trip for November or December. And if you’re looking to experience Piedmont’s many festivals, book your tickets for September or October. We have complied an additional blog with the best times of the year to visit Italy as a country.

How to Get There

Getting to Piedmont is easy! The region is well-connected by air, with direct flights from major cities like London, Paris, and Frankfurt. The closest international airport is Turin Airport (TRN).

You can also take the train from other parts of Italy or drive from France or Switzerland. Once you’re in Piedmont, renting a car is the best way to get around.

Additionally, Piedmont is the perfect destination to add onto any trip to Italy. Consider adding it to an itinerary including Rome and the Amalfi Coast. 

Where to Stay

  1. Relais San Maurizio – This beautiful, family owned hotel sits on the grounds of a former 17th century Italian monastery. In 1619, Cistercian monks founded San Maurizio on the hallowed ground of a former chapel. Today the property houses a luxury spa resort that maintains its sense of history and character. From the original stone facade to the gorgeously tended vineyards and olive tree groves every detail has been carefully restored. Guest rooms are located in rooms that once housed the monks and each maintains distinctive styles. The resort’s organic gardens yield produce used in both the on-site restaurants’ cuisine and the spa treatment skincare products. The wine vaults are located in the depths of the hotel, which is home to Michelin-starred restaurant Guido da Costigliole.
  2. Castello di Guarene – Castello di Guarene is not simply a hotel, rather it is a restored 18th century castle that has been a symbol of the city since it was first built. The grand gardens are still present today, along with an old escape tunnel that now leads to the hotel’s spa and swimming pool. Guests can enjoy 15 rooms that reflect this elegant style at leisure. Take in the stunning views while relaxing indoors or stroll the immaculate grounds. The rooms reflect tradition and history with ornate furniture including golden headboards, antique pieces and soaring vaulted ceilings covered in intricate richly colored frescoes.
  3. Il Boscareto – Il Boscareto Resort & Spa is a haven for those looking to escape the hustle of Italy’s bustling cities. Located in beautiful Serralunga d’Alba, the resort sits atop 32 hectares of Moscato and Nebbiolo vineyards  from Barolo producers in the heart of the Langhe hills in Piedmont. This resort has large windows for guests to take in the incredible views. Enjoy wine country while still being close enough for an afternoon visit to Alba or medieval history lesson when visiting Piedmont’s most famous attraction—the Duomo church complex.

For more hotel inspiration, consider checking out our list of the Top 10 Best Luxury Resorts in Italy for Sophisticated Travelers. 

We hope this guide has inspired you to start planning your trip to Piedmont! This enchanting region is sure to please with its picturesque towns, world-famous wines, and tasty truffles.

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