Be Transformed By The Wonders Of Nature And Water In Scandinavia

In the hustle and bustle of life, it is all too common to become disconnected from the world around us. Taking a step back to slow down and enjoy nature is a practice that has been placed on the backburner, but that allows connectivity and promotes a sense of groundedness. This experience of the outdoors is only exacerbated by the extraordinary coasts and unbelievable landscapes of northern Europe. Immersion in nature and water can be experienced entirely with the natural phenomenons that saturate Scandinavia.

Getty Images – Aurora Borealis over the fishing village, Reine, Norway

A rainbow of colors dance across the sky, painting one of the most sought-after pictures in the world. Home to the Northern Lights, the rest of Sweden’s landscape echoes its beauty as it is nothing short of spectacular. Containing multiple national parks with trails and grasslands galore, the opportunity for outdoor adventure is expansive. Where land meets waters at Stockholm Archipelago, the Scandinavia wonders of nature awe continues as the wildflowers and natural rock formations transition into the Baltic Sea. As the shoreline continues west to the Bohuslän Coast, sheer rockfaces outline the edge of the country and create a spectacle that allures both land and sea lovers alike.

Getty Images – Swedish Summer Landscape

Getty Images – Stockholm, Sweden

Shining in the months around the summer solstice, the Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon that attracts people from every corner of the world to Norway. This northern European country is known for its expansive natural wonders and green spaces. Peppering the entirety of the country and its surrounding waters are fjords, waterfalls, and glaciers, which have made the country a nature lovers paradise. One of the most famous natural spectacles in Norway is the giant rock face Trolltunga. Standing 1,100 feet above sea level and protruding from the top of a 700-foot-tall mountain over lake Ringedalsvatnet, this cliff is a sight to see.

Getty Images – Geiranger Fjord, Norway

Referred to as the land of a thousand lakes because of its perforation with small bodies of water, Finland has a little bit of something for everyone. Housing a plethora of trails and many lakes in this Scandinavian country, Pyhä-Luosto National Park is paved with lush greenery and rolling hills making it the perfect location for an afternoon hike or sightseeing excursion. For those who urge to explore Finland in the cold months, Lapland’s subarctic scenery is a dream for winter sports lovers. Featuring ski resorts and the northern lights, this region of the country is saturated with outdoor activities and beautiful views. On the complete opposite side of the temperature spectrum, Yyteri is a sandy six-kilometer-long beach located on the Baltic sea, known for its dunes and surfing. Complete with warm weather and temperate water, this coastline attraction is perfect for travelers looking to connect with Scandinavia’s wonders of nature healthily.

Getty Images – Lakeside wooden cottage nestled in lush forestry in Finland

Getty Images – City view of Helsinki, Finland at sunset

Inundated with peace, equality, and sustainability, the gorgeous land of Denmark echoes these pillars in the well-tended landscape covering the country. This can be seen in the rolling golden hills of Thy National Park that span 244 kilometers squared. This massive park that runs along the water is peppered with windmills and contains a road that uses an isle to split two bodies of water in half. Further down the coast, arising out of the tide, are the stunning sheer white cliffs of Mons Klint. These chalk rock faces on the Baltic sea are topped with dense woodlands and beautiful paths for walkers and runners alike. This greenery only expands throughout the country as the fairytale-like Rold Skov measures to be the second-largest forest in Denmark. Encompassing wildlife, bodies of water, and miles of hills, this region is perfect for both novelists and outdoors people. Denmark is genuinely one of Scandinavia’s wonders of nature.

Getty Images – Baltic Sea coast in Klintholm Haven in Denmark

Getty Images – Colorful Old Town Copenhagen, Denmark

Traveling the world to encounter the wonders of nature and water is an experience that is enriching for individuals and largely reconnecting for people as a whole. Escaping the concrete jungle and busyness of life to appreciate the people and places surrounding you can be a beautiful and transformative experience. This imparts a sense of mindfulness and balance that can be carried through each traveler’s journey. Slowing down and appreciate the world and all of its intricacies can leave a positive and permanent impact on the lives of those that chose to travel that path.

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