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When booking your next family adventure trip, keep Peru in mind. Booking with a tour group like G Adventures will make your trip so special! Honest Review.

In March, BTA advisor Rebecca Hogan embarked on an incredible trip to the magical country of Peru. Bringing along her two young children, she entrusted G Adventures to take her family on this life-changing family adventure to Peru. With a max size of only 15 travelers, their group consisted of the Hogan family of 4 and 2 other families. They explored cities, towns, jungles, rivers, Inca ruins, and Machu Picchu. They made new lifelong friends and created cherished memories together.  

We sat down with Rebecca to get her insight and honest impressions of the trip. Are you considering a G-adventures family itinerary? Then this is a must-read review. 

“It was a fascinating tour, BUT you must have the right mindset and realistic expectations regarding the overall experience, level of service, and accommodations. This is not a luxury group trip but makes for a fantastic experience for the right type of traveler.”


  • Very affordable and inclusive itinerary- There were minimal extra chargers while we were on the trip. 
  • Local guides- We felt that the guides were extremely knowledgeable and dedicated. Our group always felt safe, and the vehicles used during the trip were clean and nice. 
  • In-destination communication – Excellent communication from our guide once we were there in person and on “WhatsApp.” 
  • 24/hour helpline – We did have to use the 24/hour helpline (our Miami flight got canceled), and I called it, and they answered right away and were very helpful and responsive. Be sure to keep in mind that delays and changes are a reality when traveling abroad this season. 
  • Jam-packed itinerary – good for travelers who have limited time to travel and want to make the most out of their trip. 


  • Minimal communication leading up to the trip- There was very little communication from the G-adventures office. We had no online information about our tour beyond the “sample itinerary .”No confirmation of our domestic flights, trains, or which hotels we would be staying at. Type A travelers would struggle with this. 
  • 3*** accommodations – our hotels were very basic—clean, safe, and suitable locations but nothing special. No unique hotel amenities and the daily breakfast included was not impressive. As long as you are prepared for this, it should not be an issue especially given how jammed-packed their itineraries are. We were barely in our rooms. For a family of 4 we always had two rooms (more than enough space). For a family of 5 on our tour, they provided 3 rooms! 

    Family Adventure to Peru

1. What made you choose G Adventures for your family?

  • The small group size and traveling with other like-minded families 
  • G Adventures’ commitment to authentic and responsible travel with their community tourism programs 
  • 1-week itineraries that align with school year breaks 
  • Affordability 

2. How old were your kids on the trip?

  • My kids were 7 1/2 at the time of travel; we had kids ranging from 7 1/2 to 13 on the trip, with the average age around 11.  
  • G Family trips, kids need to be between the age of 6 and 17 

Family Adventure to Peru

3. What appealed to you about going to Peru with a group tour vs. FIT

  • Traveling in Peru requires a complex, fast-moving itinerary with several planes, trains, and automobiles. Adding a visit to the Jungle requires travel via a motorized canoe. We wanted to safely and effectively navigate the country with the same local guide throughout the week and a company that has perfected its itinerary year after year. 

What appealed to you about going to Peru with a group tour vs. FIT

4. What was the most memorable experience you had on the trip

  • Our most memorable experience on our family adventure trip to Peru was getting to experience Machu Picchu with our children. It was terrific for us to walk the grounds together and take their learning of Machu Picchu and the Incas beyond the classroom and pages of our books. On the train ride home, they set a goal of returning to Machu Picchu with their children. 

5. Did you feel the guides were engaging with the kids 

  • Our local guide was excellent at engaging the kids on tour at an appropriate age level. G Adventures included kid-friendly activities on our tour, including a Chocolate Making Class in Cusco, age-appropriate hikes, and local authentic restaurant recommendations that you couldn’t find in a guidebook. She went above and beyond just the scheduled itinerary. For example, she walked the kids through the park in Lima filled with well-cared-for cats and taught the children how to bargain when shopping in the local marketplaces respectfully.  

Did you feel the guides were engaging with the kids 

6. Did the kids feel safe and comfortable throughout the trip

  • G Adventures always provided safe forms of transportation with seat belts and centrally located hotels in safe neighborhoods. Our bags were never left unattended, and our guide was excellent at ensuring everyone in our group was well informed and accounted for. In addition, on the family tour, the other families naturally helped look out for each other. Once in a crowded train station, I noticed one of the other mothers help guide one of my 7-year-olds safely through the crowd while I was helping my son. There were always several sets of eyes looking out for all the kids on the trip which made our family adventure to Peru even better. 

Family Adventure to Peru

7. What was the best experience the kids had on the trip

  • It’s tough to pick just one experience! Because of covid, our family had not traveled internationally for a few years, and I love allowing my kids to immerse themselves in a foreign country. Allowing them to try out their limited Spanish, calculate the costs of a snack with a foreign currency, and learn about a way of life different from our own. I especially loved visiting a women’s cooperative weaving community where we learned the traditions of weaving, the use of flowers and foods to dye the wool, and how we could respectfully support their community. We returned from Peru with knowledge and respect for the Peruvian way of life.  

8. Would you go on another G-adventures family trip?

  • I would 100% book a family G Adventures tour again. I would specifically recommend it for any family adventure trip to Peru. Having other families around with young kids was very valuable to our travels. The kids would sit together on the train playing games, kick a soccer ball around together during downtimes and often we would go out and have an adults table and a kids table for eating. 
  • The 2 other families in our group had never been on a guided tour before and said they would like to book G Adventures again. Our guide was charming and personable, and everyone involved in the company seemed very well versed in the tour and plan, but it takes a “go with the laidback flow client.” I think our next family adventure trip could be with G Adventure in  Portugal.

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