Top 7 Reasons Why your Next Vacation Should be with Backroads 

Our users support our website. Therefore, we sometimes earn affiliate commissions when you click through the affiliate links on our website. Rest assured that all of our recommendations are made whole-heartedly with the intent of helping travelers like you discover the world authentically and responsibly. I recently had the opportunity to experience a Backroads vacation, and here's why you should highly consider traveling with Backroads for your next vacation.  Backroads is a travel company that offers vacations in over 60 countries,  ...

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Top 12 Fascinating Ancient Sights in Greece

Greece is at the top of the bucket list for many travelers around the world. Known as much for its architectural feats as the culinary delights, friendly locals, and spectacular beaches, it welcomes millions of tourists each year. In addition, Greece is considered the birthplace of civilization and entices visitors to step back in time and peer at the lives and stories of the extraordinary people who inhabited these lands thousands of years ago. From dazzling temples to strikingly preserved theatres ...

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