Our team


Angie Rice enjoys planning vacations for clients traveling where they are visiting places for the first time. She loves to encourage them to have an open mind and embrace new adventures and experiences at each destination. Her personal travels play an integral role in preparing clients for their travels. She workes very closely with our preferred suppliers and prioritizes personnally meeting hotel managers, tour operators and other suppliers to ensure we are making the best recommendations for our clients. Angie has lived in Spain and travels yearly to the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. Her favorite destinations include Austria, Spain, Costa Rica, Italy, Ireland and coastal regions of the US. She loves to travel with her husband and their two boys.

Janet Semenova was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and spent the first eight years of her life living in the former Soviet Union. She inherited her passion for travel from her mother and is dedicated to showing the world to her children. She travels frequently with her family and friends and loves to bring groups of like minded travelers together to experience unique and off the beaten path destinations. She has spent extensive time in Europe, Israel and Central America and speaks fluent Russian and some Hebrew. One of her niches is planning complex multi-generational itineraries. Some of her favorite destinations include Iceland, New Zealand, Patagonia, Portugal and Costa Rica. She is an active member of the Transformational Travel Council and is dedicated to conservation and responsible travel practices. She is also passionate about philanthropy and giving back to both her local community and those to which she travels.

Kim Parizek, based in Southern California, has over 15 years of experience in luxury travel. Group travel is one of Kim’s specialties. She has organized trips for several organizations including the Sierra Club, local community organizations and various travel clubs. She enjoys planning travel experiences for groups with interests in arts, history, books and movies, festivals, conservation and sporting events. Recent projects include a European river cruise itinerary centered around the Christmas markets, overseeing an Alaskan cruise filled with adventurous port excursions for over 50 travelers, hosting an “Outlander” themed group trip to Scotland and curating Mediterranean cruises for a multitude of clients wanting to experience the Riviera for special events such as the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival. In addition to group travel, Kim services clients interested in independent travel both by land and sea. Kim travels extensively to research new destinations where she would like lead travelers. In the last few years, Kim’s educational journeys include Russia, Scotland, Myanmar, India, Israel, Jordan, Australia and various European destinations.

Nicole Olds is a Midwestern girl who has lived in 6 other states and currently resides outside Chicago. She loves traveling to Florida, Hawaii and Mexico with her family and exploring European destinations with her husband. She is very involved in her community and has a passion for giving back. Nicole loves making people happy and knowing that she can do this through providing them with travel experiences with loved ones “feels like a blessing.” She has amazing attention to detail and jokingly reports that in addition to this making her a great travel advisor it also made her a popular PTA president for her children’s school.

Kathleen Lambermont divides her time between Las Vegas and Miami. Much of her time in Miami is spent sailing by private yacht with her partner from Miami to the Florida Keys and the Caribbean. Their favorite island is the Bahamas. A love for the water began at a very young age for Kathleen, who has been on over 30 cruises and counting. Kathleen’s love for travel doesn’t stop there. She utilizes cruising as a way to taste the flavor of a destination before returning for a more extensive visit by land. Some of Kathleen’s favorite destinations include Italy, Greece, the Caribbean and London, where she is able to visit her daughter and find new things to discover each time. Kathleen is quite the foodie and wine aficionado, and enjoys experiencing local cuisine and fine dining during her travels.

Alison Bailin is an award-winning public relations professional and freelance travel and luxury writer based in Arizona. Her role at BTA is to assist us in sharing stories about our people behind the scenes as well as shining a light on some of our favorite travel itineraries, resorts, experiences and attractions. She helps us paint vivid pictures with both words and imagery that can serve as entertainment and as a valuable planning resource for our clients and fans. Alison loves to share her “greatest hits,” including published stories she has authored on travel, wine, spas and more.

Milica Remetic anticipates to graduate from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Development and Management. Originally from a small town in Western Serbia, Milica’s wanderlust continued to grow as she spent her childhood summers traveling back to her hometown and vacation home in Montenegro. Her love and passion for travel continues to cultivate as she studies the vastly multifaceted and ever-growing tourism industry. Milica is a strong believer that modern luxury travel goes hand in hand with sustainability – she is an advocate for traveling well and traveling often in a way that is inextricably, mutually transformational and beneficial for both the traveler and the planet. As a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and certified Pilates and barre instructor, she aspires to intertwine her passion for movement and yoga with the health & wellness travel sector.

Bri Crowder has had a sense of travel and adventure from a young age. Growing up in Arizona she is an avid hiker and loves being outdoors as much as possible. She has traveled all over the United States and has done many overseas trips. She has a go-go-go attitude toward traveling and believes in leaving no stone unturned. Her sense of adventure has taken her on some very exciting trips, always looking and researching for places that are off the beaten path. She loves finding secret and remote locations during her travels from hidden waterfalls, to remote shrines hidden in the mountains. And wants to continue exploring this wonderful world.