Voice of Women Conversation with Yoshi Churnac

 Yoshi Churnac Age: 29 Country of Birth: Jamaica Country of Residence: Formerly America, currently living between Thailand and France   1. Tell us a bit about where and how you grew up I’m Jamaican Chinese and grew up in Kingston, Jamaica till I moved to NYC with my mother and brother when I was 7. It took me a while to like living in America. Where we lived in Jamaica was very beautiful and it was so expensive to live in ...

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Choosing The Best Crowd-Free Greek Island

The Greek islands inspire images of golden sunsets, crystal clear azure water, endless sandy beaches, and whitewashed buildings romantically perched on hilltops. Those who have visited the islands can attest to their immense, almost surreal natural beauty and boundless charm. All  Greek islands are blessed with extraordinary scenery, yet each one has distinct allure, characteristics, and history. While a few islands attract most tourists, there are dozens of options to choose a crowd-free Greek island where social distancing is part of ...

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Voices of Women Conversation With Carol Foote

   Name: Carol Foote Age: 69 Country of birth: United Kingdom Country of Residence: Australia 1. Tell us a bit about where and how you grew up I was born in Wales and my family moved to England when I was five. When I was sixteen my family emigrated to Australia. 2. How do you feel your childhood shaped your life? Moving to Australia at the age of sixteen and leaving school and all my friends was very traumatic. It was the ...

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