Private Yacht Charters

Mention the word yachts and images of billionaires, royals and celebrities cruising along the riviera while sipping champagne are easily conjured up. But a private charter is not just for the rich and famous and many of our itineraries start at only $1500/person/week. This is an adventure for the soul and spirit and the ultimate way to unplug and reconnect. 

Boutique Travel Advisors partners with the best yacht charter companies around the world to deliver unparalleled service and style onboard your very own sail boat, catamaran or luxury motor yacht. We offer fully crewed charters which deliver the utmost value and service. All charters come with a professional captain and many include a gourmet chef, hostess and full staff to cater to your every need.

A private charter blends the comfort of luxury travel with the spirit of adventure and allows you to explore each destination in an authentic and truly personalized fashion. Remote coves, pristine beaches and uninhabited islands become your private oasis.

From the dreamy coastlines of the Mediterranean to the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean and nearly anywhere else your imagination wanders our yacht partners are ready to deliver an unmatched level of service and sophistication. Imagine yourself enjoying cocktails and canapés on deck as the sun sets below the horizon over the shimmering beauty of the Greek isles. Our yachts can accommodate anyone from solo travelers looking for the utmost privacy to 20+ passenger large groups of family and friends traveling together.

It is our job and our passion to make your dreams a reality. Our trusted yacht partners have decades of experience and deliver only the highest quality boats and crew in the industry.

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Starting from $1500/person/week